My continuing spiritual journey: What the spirits had to say

August 8, 2023


“Yeah, I’m always concerned about my life review on the other side,” I said with a laugh to my favorite medium, as we talked about my life.

I just had my yearly (or more often) session with Hollister Rand, who never fails to bring through my loved ones on the other side, as well as important messages from my guides and angels about my spiritual growth. Our discussions are priceless.

So let’s dig into this session, as we have some new visitors.


“Who’s David?” Hollister asked. That was pretty specific: he is my first ex-husband and was the first to show up in our hour.

He has been on the other side a little over two years. He was…difficult. But he was also adorable, cute, charming—-all words Hollister used to describe him. In fact, she was a bit smitten by him!

While on the other side, he said he’s finally acknowledged his failures in this life and made peace with himself. He had quite a bit to say to me, including that the failure of our marriage was the biggest disappointment of his life. And that he knew he’d forced me to make the hard decision because he couldn’t. Hollister followed that up by saying that there was no way this marriage could have gone the distance. Which I knew. Thankfully.

Every single thing she reported rang true and after validating some of it in an hour-long call with his sister, who also validated every single thing, I knew I’d had a real visitation. In case there was any doubt. Which, with Hollister, there never is.


Who should pop up next but my third husband, who crossed last fall.. She described him perfectly: his intellectual bent, his detachment from the heart space, the fact that he really didn’t know how to be human. There was more, but I’ll leave it there, as I’m still processing it. I really thought he’d appear differently than he did, that he was more spiritually connected than he seems now. She mentioned that we were quite a mismatch. Which I also knew. (But don’t we always know?)


To my delight, my dear friend Marilyn danced (literally) into the picture, with the love of her life, John. In fact, John led. (no surprise there!) She talked about her family (also no surprise) and thanked me for some stuff. Reminded me of a trip we’d taken together to Europe. Marilyn has appeared more than a few times –a few months after she died, her daughter and I had an amazingly detailed session with Hollister, one I’ve written about before. She’s always present, in my heart and in my readings.


My mom popped up to preface a discussion about how I had been feeling depleted. She was the catalyst for quite a lengthy discussion with my angels (through Hollister) about how I viewed friendship, loyalty and boundaries. Along the lines of the quote in the image right here.


This is the crux of the matter.

That’s the thing about my sessions with Hollister–they are really quite specific and deep about spiritual matters and how they relate to daily life.

She often  tells me “you’re so connected” but truth is, I don’t always feel that way. Through her, my angels and guides remind me of the work I have done, am doing and have yet to do. Along with some pretty firm direction.

You’ll see that image again, post-retreat, when I report back.

Messengers of the Divine & the spiritual journey

Angels are messengers of the divine and mine had quite a bit to say: they suggested repeatedly I take a silent retreat, one in which I was alone and able to connect with spiritual guidance on the subjects Mom introduced. Not a structured program, but alone time. I used to do that all the time, but less now. I took that direction seriously and booked a few days alone at the ocean. A silent retreat.

Oh gosh, I was thinking maybe I should’ve written about the elephant in the room:  how I do believe that life goes on after our bodies die, and that these kinds of communications are not only possible but will become easier in years to come as real scientists and engineers are working on it. This is one of my core beliefs and it’s immutable.  But it’s a discussion way too complicated for this post so I’ll let it remain implied. Of course, I am always glad to respond to email questions.

A word of caution: Not all mediums are good and some are fake. I’ve known Hollister a long time. More than a decade. I met her in Las Vegas through John Edward, the famous medium (long story) who is also excellent,  and we’re always happy to see each other whether it’s on Zoom or at a spiritual conference. For me she is a failsafe way to connect with the other side and has facilitated some of the richest experiences you can imagine with loved ones on the other side. Many specifics. She does group sessions online that are much less expensive than a full session. Check her out at

My retreat is later this month before we head to our east coast home and of course, I’ll report back.

And of course, I’d be so happy if you checked out my beautiful tools for healing and grief right HERE.

9 comments on “My continuing spiritual journey: What the spirits had to say
  1. Beth Havey says:

    All I can say is wow.

  2. Beth says:

    It’s amazing experience. I have a wonderful medium too who is very specific and accurate !

  3. Alana says:

    Yes, wow. As you know, I am a skeptic in this area, but I also am a “never say never” person, realizing our reality is much larger than our individual perception of it.

  4. Diane Tolley says:

    Absolutely fascinating, Carol! I’ve never talked to anyone who has sessions with a Medium. This is just amazing!

  5. Jennifer says:

    I used to love watching John Edward. He was a great comfort after my father died. Even though it wasn’t about me, seeing him make those connections made me feel better.

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