Wait…. Have I become a sports fan?

January 18, 2024


We Boomer women were raised at a time when girls rarely played sports. Oh, maybe field hockey in gym class. But we didn’t play any equivalent of Little League. It just wasn’t done. So I never developed an interest in spectator sports.

But this season, I have a favorite football team: The Kansas City Chiefs. And for the past four years have been a devoted Formula 1 fan, interested in and knowing more about the sport than I ever thought possible.

Could it be that I’ve become a sports fan?

How did this happen? I was as puzzled as anyone else.

So I thought back.

It started when I ran across the Michael Jordan documentary, The Last Dance. It fascinated me. All of it: his talents, the sport, the way the business works. I loved it.

Then, during the early days of the pandemic, when (out of boredom) I watched the first episode of Netflix’ F1 “reality” show, Drive to Survive. My cousin is a huge F1 fan, and so we began watching the series together. That led me to begin watching races with him and before you know it, I became a fan. I know a lot about all the drivers now, and even have a favorite: Lewis Hamilton.

I’ve watched all seasons of the show and rarely miss a race–even if I have to get up at 4 a.m. to watch. And in November, I went to my first in-person Formula 1 race –in Las Vegas. It was a peak experience!

Football seemed a bridge too far.

Until I saw Netflix’ docuseries, Quarterback. Patrick Mahomes got my attention and I began following the Chiefs. I’m late to this love of football and lucky that my husband’s a huge football fan and even played in high school. So he’s been able to teach me a thing or two about the game.

In college, football games were merely a social event. Now, I’m completely wedded to the success of the Chiefs and watch their games avidly.

As I write this, I’ve just discovered another football reality show , this one on Max called Hard Knocks. I love it and my appreciation for football grows with every episode. And every Chiefs game.

Look. I still think the game is brutal …

…and that changes are needed because CTE-Chronic traumatic encephalopathy from repeated blows to the head–is real. And no matter how many millions of dollars you have, it’s not going to change the huge risk for many players.

I do see the allure of the game, though. And I do love watching them compete. It doesn’t hurt that there are some mighty fine muscular bodies on display, and that’s always bonus. Yes, even at this age. Go Chiefs! from your newest sports fan!

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14 comments on “Wait…. Have I become a sports fan?
  1. I’m just young enough to have caught the very beginning of Title IX my final two years of high school, which helped develop my sports fan identity.

    I think one thing that makes sports fun is that they are rare live events that we can share with lots of other people.


    I love this!! It’s just the best to keep interested in life, regardless of what our new interests are. This is one of your best!!

  3. The excellence and skills that athletes share with us on fields, courts, and rinks, and in natatoriums and gymnasiums is a gift.

  4. Susan says:

    Great blog entry today Carol. I am a boomer and grew up in a tiny town in Central Wisconsin as a huge sports fan specifically the Packers, the Milwaukee Braves and the Bucks!! Sports are so fun!

  5. Laurie Stone says:

    My one concession to football is I watch the Super Bowl! I hate to admit it, but I’ve grown to like the day, especially with the food!

  6. Jennifer says:

    Football, except for the Super Bowl, has never excited me. And who’s kidding who? I’m only there for the commercials! I was actually a basketball and baseball fan. Most recently, I was a Uconn women’s basketball fan. But having watched the GOAT, Brady, for the past several years, I’m impressed by Mahomes while at the same time sad that women don’t realize his wife has a pretty impressive sports career as well–she founded the Kansas City Current women’s soccer team. Instead, they mostly make catty remarks about her.

  7. I’ve never been into football and could never understand it. As a child, we were Dodger fans and I always liked baseball but never watch it now. Both of my kids played baseball/softball. My son-in-law is from Kansas City so he is very into the Kansas City Chiefs.

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