Spring colors in bloom for fashionistas

March 9, 2013

Spring’s around the corner, or so the calendar says. A little taste of it recently, but still, it’s been too damn cold– I’m definitely ready for more warmth.

So, did you know that every year, Pantone publishes the hottest “new” colors for the year?  I know. News you can really use, right?

It gave a spring color forecast a few months ago, with 2013 colors, above. I’ll bet you didn’t even know there was a spring color forecast, right? Here it is:  Fashion designers for women said that for spring, they are going to “mix novel neutrals with dynamic brights in pursuit of harmonious balance.”

 Uh, ok.

Is there really a “novel neutral” left? Could neutrals even be “novel?” Isn’t their strength that they’re, well, neutral? Aren’t all brights “dynamic”?

I suppose that, when it comes to fashion, it’s best not to ask the hard questions.

And I’m 100% certain that your computer is not showing you the exact same hues that are on my screen. Or on anyone else’s screen. Or that Pantone meant. So, what really ARE the colors of the season?

Anyway: the Top New Color for Spring is Emerald Green. Yeah, a young person’s color, for sure and not hugely flattering on the Diva. I remember having an emerald green linen dress, sleeveless, when I was 16. Still remember it. Not so sure it was that flattering then, either.

I just bought some loose linen tops for my fall trip to India and sure enough, some of these colors were represented…Monaco Blue, Dusk Blue and for sure, African Violet.

Yes, I am going to look as cool as Judi Dench in Hotel Marigold.

The blue is nice, but there’s such thing as too much of a good thing:

Once I knew people whose entire home was done in blue. No joke. The entire thing. Paint, upholstery, drapes. And it was a big house, too, up in the hills. Massively blue overload.

Scroll up or down to take a look at that “Lemon Zest.”  Yellow is notoriously difficult to wear and I can’t imagine that zesty yellow as anything but an accent color. Yellow tennis shoes. Or flats. Actually, I HAVE a pair of yellow flats. I can’t even imagine a yellow blouse, though.

Who makes these decisions? Some secret group of fashion designers who form a sort of a Trilateral Commission of fashion?

And what do you think of these colors? Any favorites? Better yet, what would YOU choose as the colors of the season?

6 comments on “Spring colors in bloom for fashionistas
  1. Bonnie says:

    I love all these colors and am looking forwarding to including some of them into my spring closet. I agree with you about the yellow, however, I realized I have a bright yellow t-shirt that I pair with white shorts in the summer. Hmmm. Maybe I ought to rethink that outfit, huh?!

  2. I’l take the African Violet and Faded Jade…as much as I hate to be “faded” anything–in reality, I’ll just be wearing what’s in my closet.

  3. Walker, that got a big laugh out of me this early morning! Thanks!

  4. Deb says:

    If these colors are the key to looking fashionable, why do fashionistas wear only black, especially during fashion week. If they are feeling daring they will add — wait for it– beige. During the recent Fashion Week in NYC, almost every women wore exactly the same outfit– an all black ensemble and incredibly high stilettos. Yet the clothing on the runways were dutifully featuring Monaco blue and emerald green. Just saying.

  5. bodyminder says:

    I am loving the emerald! Years ago, you may remember, that it was all the rage to get your colors done. I ended up being summer. I was devastated! I loved all the colors in the spring pallet.

    I religiously wore my summer colors for almost 25 years! I find that I am now going towards other colors as I get older! I even have an orange briefcase! I know, bold of me!

  6. I am totally in to orange right now and just bought a pair of African Violet skinny jeans. So fun.

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