Turning over a new leaf in spring

March 23, 2015

flower truck cardSpring is here.

Ok, well, it’s been here a while (thank you, climate change) and some of the plants are a little confused. Apricots are already coming out on our neighbors’ tree, months early.

But still, it’s spring. That’s what the calendar tells us.

And it’s the calendar with which I have a bone to pick. Is that even a sentence? Ok, so here’s my thought:

Why do we turn over the new year in January, dead in the middle of winter and at the tail end of the holiday season? Doesn’t it make more sense to turn over a new leaf in the spring, the season of renewal?

I make my case for this over at Boomeon, right here.  I’d love for you to read the post over there and if you are inclined, comment or share on that site. Because I really do want to know what you’re thinking and so do other readers there.

Thank you! And happy spring!


5 comments on “Turning over a new leaf in spring
  1. Great post Carol! Just left you a comment as requested!

  2. Just returned from Charleston….and my yard is a mess. Ugh. Maybe I should leave again.

  3. Ines Roe says:

    I like that idea and it makes perfect sense to me that a new leaf should be in Spring rather than the new year’s resolutions we make on 1 January – love that idea.

  4. Andi says:

    Feels like we only have two seasons here in Northern California and I swear in 2014 we only had one. This past week it was close to 70 degrees both days and that has basically been the norm 90% of the time!

  5. Mary says:

    We have no seasons in So Cal, I really wish we did. Well, maybe not like the East Coast, I guess those season are exactly why my family moved here so long ago! Heading over to Boomeon.

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