Sprinkle fairy dust wherever you go

February 21, 2014

fairy-dustDid you know we’re all fairy godmothers and godfathers, equipped with special fairy dust we can use whenever we like? That’s right. Our fairy dust is our influence on others–whether by setting an example or encouragement or both. It’s like having a super-power: choose to use it for good –sprinkling fairy dust all around you–rather than for evil.

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I was watching my husband at the gym the other morning. He’s gotten fit this year, important, because he’s got a stent in an artery and cardio fitness is critical to his life span. Not a “gym person” by nature, he was a little reluctant to join, but once we did, he’s diligent about his workouts.

Watching him work out, I felt good that I’d had a little influence on his decision to improve his health.  The same with my nephew, who just had his first op-ed published. We talked about the piece and the submission process a few times and a week later, there he was: a published essayist. I couldn’t stop grinning, because I know I sprinkled a little fairy dust–encouragement–and there he was, in print.

If you look around your own life, I’m sure you can quickly identify the times you’ve sprinkled a little dust and seen the benefit.

That fairy dust is positive reinforcement –the exact opposite of criticism.

For some reason, the criticism we receive sticks. That makes encouragement all the more important. Yes, sprinkle it all over!


150796_10152169638945817_756170856_nI love the idea of becoming a fairy godmother –or godfather — to everyone we encounter. If you’ve been the giver –or recipient–of fairy dust, I hope you’ll share it with us below, so we can all be inspired.

14 comments on “Sprinkle fairy dust wherever you go
  1. Sheryl says:

    This is a great reminder to show some kindness and give positive reinforcement. I know when I get it from others it makes my day.

  2. Diane says:

    LOVE THIS IDEA!!!! The world does need more positive people. Many more . . .

  3. Tammy says:

    So very true, Carol! Just a little kindness, encouragement or support can make a huge difference. Last week I was waiting for a doctor appointment. There was a little elderly woman sitting in the corner with her walker, quiet. As I got up when my name was called I passed her. leaned in and told her how beautiful she looked in her pink outfit. She smiled, thanked me, then cried. Once I got in the room, I did too. How sad that so few people share a kindness. Shame on us!

  4. Why I have the word INSPIRE sitting on my desk…it is the best word for a blogger and a teacher. Since I do both…I keep the word there to remind me. Good thoughts here!

  5. This is awesome! Your kind words are fairy dust to all of us! XO

  6. Jenn says:

    It’s all too often that we hear about the things we’ve done wrong, but not about that which we’ve done well. A little fairy dust is always needed.

  7. Lisa Froman says:

    Lovely. This is my philosophy and mission as well! What a wonderful reminder!

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