St. Patrick’s Day kids’ fun & games

March 12, 2013

 Kids can’t drink green beer.

But they CAN celebrate St. Patrick’s Day by wearing green AND having some fun. So get ready.

Maybe you want to keep the kids occupied while you make traditional corned beef and cabbage.

Or, you want to do something fun together.  I’ve found some ideas for you.

Make easy, fun shamrock cupcakes together. Maybe the ones pictured at left. Recipe right HERE.

Grow a fun and healthy shamrock.  Cut a thin piece of sponge and soak it in water. Sprinkle with sprout seeds–broccoli, radish, alfalfa–anything. Put in a cool dark space until you see sprouts start. Then move into the sunshine and let the sprouts green up. Voila! An edible shamrock! Pick the sprouts and let the kids eat them in a salad, or just by themselves.You might want to start this earlier next year, as it could take more than a few days. It’s hard to say.

Oh, wait. Kids are too impatient. They love computers?  Here you go–fun St. Patrick’s Day games and puzzles, right HERE.

Your kid prefers St. Paddy’s Day math games?  Right HERE.

Or, for younger kids, downloadable coloring pages HERE.  And HERE.

Happy wearing of the green!

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