How to step into your power

June 16, 2014

Trust your voice
Have you ever felt powerless? Afraid to trust your own voice?

Radiate possibility
All it takes is one step. And then another. The world is full of dreams waiting to be realized and possibility just waiting for that first step.

What do you have to lose?

43 comments on “How to step into your power
  1. Thanks for a well needed pep talk! xo

  2. Yes. Yes. What a perfect point.

    I love these images. Are they bookmarks? Gift-tags? They’re so pretty.

  3. Wondering if I radiate possibility.
    I don’t know if I do…but I would LIKE to.
    Baby steps. 🙂

  4. Roz Warren says:

    Lovely! At this moment I am mostly radiating Need-For-More-Coffee. But later in the day — who knows? Thanks for the inspiration.

  5. The more I write, the more I trust my voice. Great advice.

  6. Short, sweet and oh so right! Great way to start off a Monday!

  7. Tea says:

    Thank you. Still learning..

  8. Laura says:

    It’s that first step that’s the hardest. Then you get a taste of what personal power feels like so breaking into a run is the natural thing to do.

    What a beautiful thing to read and be reminded of on a Monday morning!

  9. penpen says:

    Just to add to all the wisdom above: “With every step you touch the ground of reality.” Tran Thai Tong.

  10. Nancy Hill says:

    Lovely. We are possibilities become manifest.

  11. Perfect post to start the week! Thanks for the encouragement!

  12. Donna says:

    our posts could go hand in hand…thank you for your words as always…

  13. Ellen Dolgen says:

    Dreamy and inspirational!

  14. Ruth Curran says:

    Just the thoughts I needed to re-center, re-focus, and create! Thanks so much Carol for the inspiration!

  15. I am always thinking “how hard could it be?” Being a Pollyanna works on so many levels I cannot even tell you. But these tags bring home the message that living with purpose is very important because then we do make a difference somehow.

    Thank you Carol.

  16. Kathy says:

    Love that bookmark. Some days I am better than others at trusting my voice but there are now more power days.
    Thanks for sharing

  17. Linda Roy says:

    Thank you Carol! I needed this. I’d love to step into my power. Unfortunately, lately I’ve just been stepping in dog doo. 😉

  18. I love the idea of “radiate possibility!” Great words!

  19. I need a tshirt made from this! Thanks!

  20. Sometimes the shortest posts pack the most powerful punches. Thanks for this. Just the kick in the pants I needed this morning.

  21. I’m afraid you do have something to lose, maybe a whole lotta something, if you risk being authentic. We, especially women, all inherently know that which is why it’s so hard to do, and why we always take notice when someone, especially another woman, has the audacity to do it.

    Most of us are way more interested in getting validation and winning the approval of others than risking authenticity. And it is a risk. Make no mistake about it.

    • I just don’t see it that way. What would we lose? Fake friends?
      Authentic is the only way to be and anything “lost” is not worth having to begin with.
      I see no risk except the risk of being real and honest and having people accept you for who you are. Which is a good thing in my view.
      Women fear being authentic because they want approval–the unhealthy need for external validation is why women are fearful. Because there is absolutely nothing worthwhile you can lose by being yourself.
      But let me be clear–being yourself would not be at the expense of others. And some women do not get the idea of boundaries. But that’s a choice they make.

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