How about some streaming show recommendations?

July 11, 2023


Streaming is one of the best things ever, in my opinion. There’s a much broader range of viewing options than ever before, and I take advantage of as much of it as I have time for. Because yes, it’s a matter of time. Too little, for all the options.

So here are a few of my faves–and those that missed the mark for me.

The Diplomat on Netflix

One of the best series I’ve seen lately.

The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel on Prime Video

Nothing they’ve done since Season 1 has been as good, but still, if you like that era, the fashions and some of the situations in this streaming show will resonate. The series finale season felt a little disjointed, as if halfway through they decided the series would end and began doing flashbacks. The storyline felt rushed in this last season. Even though the ending wasn’t what I’d hoped for, it was a satisfying finale.

Queen Charlotte/Bridgerton on Netflix

By far the best season so far, and it isn’t really considered a “season” to the series, but a one-off. Better than the series IMO.  I didn’t particularly like the Queen Charlotte character in earlier seasons. But this season we learn the touching backstory (even if they’ve taken some liberties with fact) and, at the end, it’s beautifully emotional. Maybe three tissues worth of ending. I just loved this one. Great entertainment.

Emily in Paris on Netflix

A huge YES for women who love fashion and an escapist story. I’ve enjoyed it.

The Great British Baking Show on Netflix

At the start of the pandemic I binged all 80 episodes over a week or so. I am still addicted, but they can’t come fast enough now! Fun show.

Jewish Matchmaking on Netflix

I loved the Indian version and I love this one was well. Don’t expect it to be realistic, expect it to be entertaining. And yes, there IS a difference. Not everything has to be realistic. And given our world, I’m always thrilled for an escape.

Love is Blind on Netflix

Not standing the test of time for me. This show was so much better in the first couple seasons. Now, not so much. Maybe it’s how the candidates are chosen or maybe it’s because they all want to be Insta-famous. But not feeling it any more.

Disclosure on Netflix

A good documentary about how Hollywood has impacted the trans community. Eye-opening.

Surviving Death on Netflix

A great introduction to what seems to happen after we die, told by near-death experiencers and researchers. About my bias: I do believe consciousness survives the death of the body. There’s plenty of science to support this, too. So I found this piece to be super-interesting and in line with other things I’ve learned. One of the most impactful streaming shows around.

Shiny Happy People on Amazon Prime

Let’s get serious for a minute. What seemed to be a benign reality show about a cute, quirky family, 19 & Counting, was actually a prettied-up view of a pretty nefarious fundamentalist cult out to infiltrate society at every level, including government and the Supreme Court, and turn us into a totally Christian nation. You know, like those Islamic states we think could never happen to us.

Complicit are Discovery/TLC and every other media show that hosted this family with seriously warped objectives.

The son’s a convicted sex offender, having not only molested two of his sisters but also downloaded what law enforcement  called some of the worst child porn they’ve ever seen. Kids being tortured, obviously in pain, etc. Do not miss streaming this and connecting the dots, even though it can be difficult to watch.

This is not the only show disclosing a group with those goals. Take a look at Escaping Polygamy on Hulu.

We are blithely going about our business while these groups are focused on the nefarious end game.And making inroads. Look around. It’s happening. We’ve got to fight back. These two shows are pulling back the curtain on what’s really going on and it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to connect the dots. I highly recommend both. 

Grace and Frankie on Netflix

If you haven’t watched Lily Tomlin and Jane Fonda’s acclaimed series you are missing out. And yes, I know people who have not yet watched it. It’s over now. but the series lives on thanks to streaming.

Pray Away on Netflix

No, you can not pray away the gay. And why would you want to? An excellent docu on so-called “conversion therapy.”

Call the Midwife on Netflix

If you missed the first seasons on PBS do catch up here. I love this series. Well-written, touching, lovely. A favorite. And you know I love it because I quote it all the time right here!

Top Chef, Hell’s Kitchen, Next Level Chef, etc. wherever you find them

I have learned so much watching these top chefs compete on reality shows.

I am Georgina on Netflix

The partner-but-not-wife of Portuguese soccer player Cristiano Ronaldo is the focus of this ridiculously over the top reality show. She comes across as pretty shallow and self-focused, but the fashion’s pretty. I couldn’t do more than a few episodes but if you want to watch her flaunt her wealth in a not-so-interesting way, have at it.

Agree? Disagree? What do you think? Got any recommendations? Let us know in the Comments!

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10 comments on “How about some streaming show recommendations?
  1. Molly Best Tinsley says:

    SLOW HORSES and TED LASSO dark spy drama and light, tight comedy
    Apple plus

  2. Laurie Stone says:

    Lots of good shows. Love ‘Call the Midwife.’ Have been watching it forever and they’re still making them!

  3. Diane says:

    So many to choose from! Thank you for this!
    Ted Lasso is my go-to. Just finishing off Miss Scarlett and the Duke for the second time. Love that show!


    Yes lasso for sure…we loved it. Mrs maisel is one we love love love . I love spy series but they have become so torture filled it’s hard to watch some.

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