A stroll through Ortygia

October 4, 2014

narrow streetThere’s history and mystery in the narrow streets of Ortygia, the island that is the historical center of the city of Siracusa. What goes on behind those walls? And how many centuries have they stood?

narrow street2A sole pedestrian carries shopping bags past hanging laundry, heading…where?

stret succu niceSucculents on a street that looks like it’s been modernized a bit.

thru doorwayI love peeking into hidden courtyards.

door in sun nice

The sunshine casts a yellow glow over everything it touches.

metal saw horseI’ve been to Italy numerous times but never noticed metal sawhorses like these.

arch lovelyBeautiful archways everywhere.

museo archi

Archimedes was born in Siracusa.

arkimedeonThis area and the museum are devoted to him.

cath doric outCatthedral de Siracusa built over a Greek temple–to the goddess, Athena …these columns are from the original Greek building. They simply built over the temple.

menMen sit in groups making up occasional street life in the narrow alleys.

soccer artModern art found in the most unlikely places, even on a satellite dish.

soccer cuSoccer on a dish.

mailbox folded

Sometimes, the art is unintentional, like this old letter box.

old sculpture hotelAncient art in our hotel.

modelHuman art. Not the first time I’ve run into models working on Italian streets.

homelessThere are homeless with dogs. This mangy dog was hard to look at. So sad.

homeless 2Here’s another, positioned strategically next to an ATM. He was kissing his dog. We gave him money.

civil protectionEarthquakes and volcano eruptions handled here.

carabarinier stThe law has some snazzy uniforms but tiny cars.

triquetraThe symbol of Sicily, probably based on the Celtic.



6 comments on “A stroll through Ortygia
  1. Wonderful- you’re photos and captions have captured my imagination – looting like taking a trip through Italy with my morning coffee. Have fun.

  2. What a treat to see. I needed that today. So glad you are having a good time, Carol. xxoo

  3. Karen says:

    Wow, what a lovely and intriguing place! Your photos are great.

  4. Thanks for taking us on the trip…love the photos.

  5. Lana says:

    Love these photos! So glad you’re sharing with us as you go along.

  6. bodynsoil says:

    I love the architecture, your photos are lovely and now I really need to travel to this location. Your comment about how many people had passed and what the walls had seen struck a cord as that is how I feel when I walk through ancient streets.

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