My heart opens when I see a Go Fund Me campaign

March 26, 2018

sucker-for-Go-Fund-MeMy wallet opens, too. I’m a sucker for Go Fund Me campaigns or other personal fundraising for those who have fallen on hard times. My gosh, there’s SO MUCH NEED out there. So much. And our social networks make that front and center on our social media feeds.

No question, I’ve been lucky and am in a position to pitch in when someone needs help. I’ve done everything from donate to someone who needed a furnace fixed so her kids wouldn’t freeze in the dead of winter to helping another get expensive testing for early Alzheimer’s that wasn’t covered. And more and more. There’s so much need out there that I wish I had F-U money and could help everyone.

I do what I can. Why wouldn’t I?

Yes, I know of at least one campaign that was a scam. I didn’t donate but others did. However, the tribe around that awful person got wise and began not only reporting her but publicizing the scam all over Facebook so others wouldn’t fall for it. So at times, these online fundraisers are self-regulated by the donating community.

Anything can be abused, including Go Fund Me but does that mean we don’t step up if we can?

I’m reminded of a conversation I had with a girlfriend some half a dozen years ago. I’d emptied my wallet and given cash to a young homeless man and his dog outside a CVS in a rather wealthy local community.

“What if he buys alcohol with it?” she asked.

“What if he doesn’t?” I responded.

I’d love your thoughts.

22 comments on “My heart opens when I see a Go Fund Me campaign
  1. Amber Myers says:

    I only donate to Go Fund Me pages from friends and family. I just worry too much about the scams. Maybe they aren’t always scams, but still. I’d prefer to donate to people I know.

    I have given food to homeless people. I’m not comfortable giving them cash.

    • Mary Lou says:

      I agree with Amber. I’ve learned too much the hard way from the opportunists who will exploit. If I know the person in some way I’ll give to a Go-Fund-Me when I’m able to. A neighborhood friend recently had a severe stroke and his insurance didn’t cover a lot of the medical cost. His family sent out the information and we responded. For the homeless, I give to organizations that I know are making an impact in a meaningful way.

  2. Karen Morse says:

    It’s good to help out as much as we can and that also means donating when we have some to spare. I’m glad that you do that, a little donation helps in ways you can’t even imagine. Just because there are scams, doesn’t mean we have to stop the kindness. There are so many legit ways to help.

  3. Candy says:

    I only give to those funds to people we know. To many scams out there.

  4. Haralee says:

    I am a sucker for a homeless person with a dog or a cat! Some Go Fund Me campaigns asks scare me and others I am OK

  5. I am open to considering funding campaigns if they are from people I know or know of and if they’re for a good cause. I have only held one once, for my cat, it’s actually still open, I’d hoped to raise more help for him but can’t be surprised people are careful.

  6. I love your post. Yes, I agree that giving what you can to help another human being can never be wrong. I really wish there was more of a helpful spirit in people, but we can only change ourselves and lead by example. Have a beautiful day.

  7. Generosity is never a mistake. I love to fund a new business or a project with what limited funds I have. It is so much fun to watch the outcomes.

    Good for you Carol. You inspire us all.

  8. I give to every person on the streets I can. my feeling is whatever they do with the money the onus is on them. If they waste it, then that is their option, my offering was a gift, my responsibility ended at the giving.

  9. Our Family World says:

    I give food or money to people on the streets asking for alms, especially those with children. It always hits me like, “what if that person was me? what if those kids were my kids?” I share my blessings whenever I can. If they are out to fool people, then I leave it up to their conscience. I have done my part as a Christian.

  10. Alison Rost says:

    I try to give as much as I can especially when the people need it. I think it’s good that you’re doing this. The world needs a little more kindness after all. We can spot scammers and so long as we’re being careful why not help out as much as we can, right?

  11. I’m always so skeptical about Go Fund Me’s. I am always worried that they aren’t legit. I usually only donate to people I know or people that my friends and family know.

  12. I never get to donate using go fund me yet. I have various charity groups where I usually donate. I also participate in the activities since I want to immerse and not really just to give and donate. I want to experience it too.

  13. Mimi Green says:

    I’m a giver, but not by way of Go Fund Me accounts. I am all for supporting those in need. It is something I was taught to do since I was a kid. God loves a cheerful giver is what I always heard.

  14. Marysa says:

    I have donated to campaigns for local people who have had a tragedy strike through Go Fund Me. It is nice to have a way to easily make a donation.

  15. The Mister and I always give when we see people in need on the streets. If I thought about the negative “what if’s.” I would never help anyone because everyone would be scamming.

  16. Ricci says:

    I donate when I can. I love a good story and Go Fund Me has some great causes to give to!

  17. Shoshana Sue says:

    I give to those I know really need help. It is hard to give online these days because scammers know how to work a story and gain your sympathy.Never stop helping those in need but do a thorough check just to make sure.

  18. I help when I can and I know it’s going to be used for what it’s intended to be used for. We have a man with a dog who stands outside our local Walmart every day. He’s a scammer. He lives in a nice home and takes the money he makes each day to support himself so he don’t have to work. If he was homeless I could see helping him. I used to until I watched him shop one day and drive off in a nice car. Waaaay nicer than mine.

  19. Sara Welch says:

    It is sad knowing that some people will take advantage of this. Descretion is always key here.

  20. Kita Bryant says:

    I am in this same boat with you girl. I love to help people; but if I get scammed heads are going to roll.

  21. John says:

    Thank you for the greate post really it help me

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