Please don’t forget those who are suffering

August 10, 2022

grief-giftEvery so often I like to remind you what a lovely, thoughtful thing it is to gift someone who is suffering—and why not do that with one of our gentle, supportive packages?

When I put them together more than five years ago I worked hard to keep prices low, even when so-called “experts” encouraged me to charge far more.

It’s always been important to me that these get in the hands of those who could benefit and I have donated many, as well. Can’t tell you how proud I am that they get all 5-star reviews on Etsy.

Our grief gift provides an opportunity for a loved one to make their own memory book about their loved one–and so much more. Grief is such a difficult emotion, but keeping it in?  Gives it power to linger longer.

Customers love giving them because the recipients are so glad to have them. Here’s what one had to say:

I sent this gift to my cousin whom lost her mother about 6 months ago and we recently lost our grandma. We had a deep conversation at my grandmas memorial and as much as she put up a good “I’m all put together” front, I knew she was mending a broken heart. She was overwhelmed with gratitude after receiving this journal and is excited to use it. Thank you for creating such a beautiful gift/tool!

sufferingThe healing gift is a safe place to air those feelings about our illness that we may not want to share with others, but need to get out. In fact, research shows that those who write about their illness had fewer symptoms and side effects. Providing an opportunity for positive self-talk and activities is also a benefit of the journal–and helps patients tremendously.

The healing cards / affirmations pictured provide a positive, healing thought each day. It’s a beautiful way to start the morning, especially if you are dealing with health challenges.

Here’s what one customer said about the healing affirmations:

Cannot think Carol enough for these healing affirmations. I purchased this for my mom before she started chemotherapy and Carol made sure to get them to me in time and even included a special gift for my mom.

I hope you’ll consider visiting my shop for these (or my gorgeous artisan candles)–it’s right HERE.

2 comments on “Please don’t forget those who are suffering
  1. Laurie Stone says:

    Such a beautiful gift for someone in need. Truly unique and needed.

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