What are your summer plans?

May 31, 2015

go jump lakeThis sign reminds me of kids having a long, lazy summer at a cabin, wearing swimsuits 24/7 and jumping into a lake to cool off from time to time.  I can even hear the splashing.

Our summer plans don’t involve a cabin or a lake, but they do involve some long lazy breakfasts at the ocean, a couple of trips for me and trying to reorganize the house post-renovation. At the end of the summer, we’re heading to Maui at the invitation of dear friends who have a lovely home there. It’s my husband’s first Hawaii trip and I haven’t been in decades.  Our friends are great fun, so it’ll be the highlight of our summer.

This was his very first week of nosework class, months ago.

This was his very first week of nosework class, months ago.

Riley has been learning how to suss things out by scent, so we’ll continue to take him to weekly nosework work class, which he loves. And does well at!

He likes it so much we’re thinking of competing with him. The first step will be to get him to pass his first odor recognition test, in birch. He’s been working with birch for six months so he’s nearly ready. The problem is finding a test in the general Bay area. I’m still hoping they’ll add one for later in the summer. Once he’s qualified, he can begin competing in Level 1 trials–birch. It’s fun to work with him on this because he so clearly enjoys “finding it.” So this summer’s play for all of us is his nosework.

Our big event this year is going to be a month in Santa Fe, but not until October. We’ve rented a house and will drive with Riley. So for us, summer is going to also be about buckling down and doing stuff I hate to do: organizing. I just don’t have that gene.

I’d love to hear all about your own summer plans in the Comments. What fun stuff do you have planned?

18 comments on “What are your summer plans?
  1. ryder ziebarth says:

    So nice of you to ask.I’m writing a critical thesis for grad school and 150 pages of creative work toward my manuscript ( as loosely thought out as it is); gardening; walking my dirt roads and swimming ( no gym for two months-that’s a rule for me). Traveling to Nantucket to help with the 5th annual Nantucket Book festival where I am an advisor June 18-21, then to Montpelier for my two plus weeks of grad- school residency;off to nantucket again with family August 8-15; and finally, Bermuda to Coral Beach with Lizzie, Mike and Lizzie’s beau, Charles August 25-Sept. 5. In between, I’ll drive to Connecticut from where I live in NJ to see Mom who will be recouping as of this Monday afternoon, from knee surgery. I n fact I’m off to Ct. Today to take her in to the hospital tomorrow. I LOVE the summer.

  2. pia says:

    I met some really fascinating people in Maui. Will Forte’s mother became my first “mother of” friend which was a bit strange.

    I live at the beach so I would love to stay close to home. But must go to NY and probably Atlanta.

    In the fall I hope to go to Europe. Probably Ireland as I have been to England too many times to count, Scotland three times, Wales twice and had a incredible fear of Ireland–during my childbearing years–afraid to fall in love with a first cousin. But now that I know my birth name–Murphy–I’m sure that will make it much easier–Not. But I don’t have to worry about falling in love with a first cousin anymore!

  3. I am still planning Summer. I won’t be going to BlogHer. Many reasons for that, about which I will soon post. The largest one is 40th High School reunion. ARGH! Also I will meet my daughter in Chicago around this time to shop for her wedding dress. Also want to pop down to my college alma mater and check in on my dear friend, mentor and major advisor. I’m thinking I want to drive as there are places I would like to be able to say, “Oh I will stay another day or so here,” and then pop over there too… and not have to change flight plans and extend the car rental and so on.

  4. My plans changed three weeks ago…so now the plan is to end the summer with a new job and replace the teaching pay check I just walked away from. Hope it will include some fun on the side!

  5. Nosework sounds fascinating. How great to give dogs activities they can enjoy. I have no summer plans. Maybe I’ll sit in the garden and listen to birdsong.

  6. Laurel Regan says:

    Sounds like you have some good times ahead of you! We have no travel plans (so far) this summer, but hope to get out to many of the great local festivals and events here in Windsor. Oh, and we’ll definitely be spending some time preparing the house for the first-ever visit by my parents in October!

  7. richa says:

    Well my summer plans pretty much include losing weight!! One that I am planning to do through a swim too 🙂

  8. Summer in Maine is so beautiful — and so short — that we resist making plans to go anyplace. Instead, we invariably have a few rounds of company (a good excuse to eat lobster and show off our state). We also go exploring the parts of Maine we’re not familiar with. I work at home but try to take Fridays off during the summer so I have about three months of long weekends. Now, if summer would just get here (it’s been slow in coming after our Snowmageddon winter).

  9. Dove says:

    Most of my plans consist of staying in the city (NYC) and working on my clients’ projects and growing my UrbLife site. In August I’m going back home to the Pac NW for my 30th HS reunion, then to Vegas for my usual trip to the MAGIC/ Agenda shows. Looking forward to it!

  10. Jennifer says:

    Santa Fe sounds wonderful. I’ve only visited once, for a short time.
    I booked a 10 day cruise for my husbands 65th birthday out of Copenhagen, to St Petersburg, etc ending in Stockholm. Very excited:)

  11. I have not a single plan this summer! Which is so unusual but we decided to plan to ‘make no plans’ this year and just take it as it comes. We have a family reunion in July and my niece will be staying with us for the first half of summer. We’re thinking a few days at the end of summer for an escape for our anniversary.

  12. Carolann says:

    Wow sounds like you have summer nailed down! What an exciting trip you guys have planned. I’m still working out exactly what we are going to do. Whatever it is, it will be fun for sure!

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