Summer’s end, coming soon

August 26, 2012
Summer is in its waning days, 
the end of hot, lazy afternoons,
frosty pitchers of pink lemonade 
and bumper to bumper beach traffic.
Soon, shorts and t-shirts will be put back in their drawers,

we’ll push our sandals and flip-flops toward the back of the closet and

start moving forward browns, olives and rust.

My favorite memories of this summer include time spent with my nephew
in Rochester (two different trips!)….
walking through a restaurant parking lot arm in arm
with my favorite Cassara cousin
singing Frank Sinatra classics together…
seeing Once on Broadway…
hanging with my fabulous husband….
a visit from my Tampa nephew….

Every season has its pleasures, and once we hit September, it won’t be
long until we feel the satisfying crunch of autumn leaves underfoot.
I’ll be packing up warm clothes and boots for
Thanksgiving in Colorado,
where my longtime friend J. and I will prepare
a menu she will have selected from the pages of
some fabulous gourmet magazine.
Maybe even Gourmet, itself!

(I LOVE the anticipation of what’s to come — it’s the best part of life!)

But for now, I’m enjoying these last days of summer season.

What’s YOUR favorite summer memory?

What’s ahead for you during the rest of the year?

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