Summer’s end

September 4, 2010

Labor Day weekend. It’s not the official end of summer, but it’s a hint that fall is fast approaching. Yes, yes….a harbinger of fall. ;-))

What a fast and eventful summer!

We sold our house in Coral Gables.

Then we sold our Tampa house.

Despite some very mean condo commandos, the nice, logical people on the board gave us permission to rent our Pacific Grove condo another year, AND our tenant stayed, even though the very mean people made her first rental year miserable.

And we decided to keep the condo as a getaway after our tenant leaves. (Yay! one more time!)

We started house-hunting with our cool California realtor, Susan.

We started taking two of our dogs to the dog park and our little divo dog seemed to be better behaved. (Yay! again!)

I grew to love my every-afternoon training sessions with Trainer Chris, while still missing Trainer Tom. If I’m not feeling a bit sore, it’s just not a good day.

My husband and a good friend helped me lend perspective to and handle a family issue that had been plaguing me for years.

I spent lots of time with old friends and made some fun new ones. I treasure them all.

We traveled to fun places. (And there’s no way I’d put on that bikini pictured above. Even the dogs would all cover their eyes. Or maybe even be struck blind.)

Can’t wait till the leaves start turning. I know it’s still hot in Florida and pretty darn warm in California, so we have some time yet.

Autumn is my favorite season. In my imagination, I go to my friend H’s beautiful house in the North Carolina mountains , in the fall, nestled amidst red, gold and brown leaves. I love the fall chill and the hint that Christmas is just around the corner.

I may see the start of fall in Italy in early October…our trip is just a few weeks away now.

We’re off to Willow Glen to see a house in a bit. Hope you are all enjoying the long weekend.

2 comments on “Summer’s end
  1. Anonymous says:

    Thanks Diva! Nice post.

    Fall is my favorite time of the year it always cleans out the cob webs that are in my head.


  2. Wow! Congrats on what sounds like was an amazing summer! Good luck Cali house hunting. I used to love Willow Glen 🙂

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