Tips for summertime easy living

August 10, 2016

Virginia Beach, Va.

Summertime has a special feel, doesn’t it? Maybe the way we feel about it goes back to our school days, when summer meant a break from teachers and homework. It meant long, lazy days for play: bike rides, softball or maybe even a swim in a neighborhood pool.

Back in the northeast, summer was a welcome season, one in which we didn’t have to think about those long, cold, grey days of winter and snow. If you were really lucky, you’d be invited to visit family or friends at their summer “cottage” on one of the Finger Lakes.  I might have been five or six years old when I got to do that, but my memory is very vivid. The doctor who lived and worked across the street from my father’s office/apartment invited us to their “cottage.” I don’t remember where it was, maybe Canandaigua Lake. But I was taken with the rustic nature of the property, the trees, the water and dock, And the smell– a little mildewy. I remember unpacking brown bags of groceries and walking barefoot down to the dock.

As far as I can remember, we only went once, but the memory is embedded. Ever since, though, I’ve had a romantic view of summer cottages.

Summer will soon draw to a close, but we’ve still got some weeks left to enjoy the ease of this season. Here are some reminder on how to make the most of the rest of your summer.

Tips for summertime easy living

Summer Me-Time

Pick at least one day week to do absolutely nothing productive. Which is to say meditate, listen to calming music, read all day. Spend time in nature. Listen to the birds sing. Write in a paper journal. Play with a pet.  Paint your nails a fun summer color.  Stay off devices. No TV. Certainly no news. Don’t babysit grandkids, either. This is ‘me time!”

Be unproductive

Limit chores. If you normally cook seven days a week, make it four.


Take naps. Better if it’s outside.  If you meditate, do more. If you want to start, try an app:  Calm or Headspace are two good ones.

It’s a beach!

Take beach time. If you live near the water, take a weekday drive (against commute) to enjoy morning at the beach when everyone else is working. The pleasures of retirement or vacation time!

Meet up with an old friend

It’s always fun to take time for someone whose company you enjoy.


No makeup. Let your skin breathe as you breathe.  If you normally do the full out beauty routine, take a day a week off. Au naturel.

18 comments on “Tips for summertime easy living
  1. ryder ziebarth says:

    No make-up! Here, here! The only thing I do these days is slather on the sunscreen in the am, and put on some eyebrows mascara ( without it, I look like a ghost…)It feels so freeing. But lastly, if you have a pool, skinny dip if you can…I find it to be the biggest treat of the year. And sleep naked with the windows open and listen to the cicadas sing.It’s good for the body and the soul!( I must be an old hippie….)

  2. Jennifer says:

    I can’t complain with this to do list!

  3. Emma Beasley says:

    Love this post! Thanks for the reminder. I needed it!

  4. Carla says:

    I’ve never spent any time in a summer cottage. But but but that has not stopped me from romanticizing it in my head. Yoga, books, writing, coffee 🙂 🙂 Carla and a cottage.

  5. Leanne says:

    I love every one of these – it’s the middle of Winter in Australia but I reckon I could still do most of them without any worry at all. This weekend is looking like “me time” 🙂

  6. and sunbathe without clothes as often as possible!

  7. Momina Arif says:

    being unproductive is my favourite thing t do in the summer.

  8. Linda says:

    Great tips. I should do some of these, especially me time. Being a mom of 4, I don’t take time for myself.

  9. Perfect suggestions! I follow all of them. Its been too hot to cook so I’ve been making fun salads and also enjoying eating out. Summertime naps are the best! I’ve just recently given in to no make-up. That was a tough one.
    I wish July would come back:(

  10. sue says:

    Great tips Carol and as we are moving closer to the start of Summer in Australia I will certainly be taking your advice. Where I live Winter is gorgeous with sunny days and cool mornings and nights. Summer can be humid and hot but I love being able to escape to the beach at these times. Really I have the best of both worlds.

  11. I love the be unproductive tip – oh wait, I am year round as much as I can get away with/ 🙂

  12. I have to say that summertime doesn’t feel much different than the rest of the year now that the kids are out of the house. Plus, living in Southern California means it’s almost always summer 🙂

  13. Silly Mummy says:

    Winter is actually my favourite season, but I do agree that there is something special about summer cottages. And I love the tips for an easy summer life!

  14. Elizabeth O. says:

    Summer time is the perfect time to slow down and just relax. You don’t really have to let go of your responsibilities, you just have to allow yourself to get some time off too. Love the tips that you have here!

  15. tp keane says:

    such great tips. I so need to use them all.

  16. Wendy says:

    These are all such great tips! I really struggle with allowing myself to be unproductive – I need to do this more often.

  17. Vyjay says:

    Summer always evokes nostalgic memories of schooldays and the long summer vacations which for us meant play, play and more play.

  18. Lisa Rios says:

    Summer is always going to be so much fun with lots of wonderful memories to cherish and these are some great ideas to make the best out of it. Beach is something I always prefer during summer to stay relaxed & do some basic workouts too!

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