Six things for Sunday

March 8, 2020

It’s Sunday. Maybe it’s not your day of worship or maybe you don’t worship at all. It doesn’t matter. Today is your day for inspiration. Just say that it is.  Here are a few Sunday thoughts:

No matter what our circumstances,  it is within our power to do one thing every day to make the world a better place. A little thing. A big thing. Maybe something personal to help one person. Or something that impacts the world around us–like, recycling, for example. That easy. Here’s something you can do for one person today. Or any day:

Send someone an email listing the things you love about them. It could be as short as this:
SUBJ: Things I love about you
1. Your smile.
2. Your big heart
3. …..
4. …..

How simple is that? If you like it, stop reading right now and do it. Then, come back for more ideas!  Still unsure? Read on:

A hero isn’t always the one making the grand gesture to save a life. You never know whose life you might be saving with your kind act. How can you be someone’s hero today?

How about personal heroic act?

There’s a time to speak out and there’s a time to be strategically silent. Each of us has a default and it is always good to practice the opposite for a while. I know my default (ha!) …I am working on strategic silence. A fun Sunday meditation is to think of ways to do the opposite of what you usually do.

We’re all waiting for that sign, right? This is yours.
And finally, I leave you with this beautiful blessing:


2 comments on “Six things for Sunday
  1. Diane says:

    Oh, my word, what wonderful suggestions! I especially like the first one.
    Gonna give it a try!
    Thank you!

  2. Jae says:

    This is beautiful!

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