Sunny Seattle Monday

August 23, 2010

Seattle. The city is certainly not synonymous with sunshine, but that’s what we saw when our two-hour flight landed around 8:30am. And plenty of it.

The water was a perfect shade of blue and when we got to the Inn at the Market, they had upgraded us to a suite. Sweet! It wasn’t ready, but we were ready –for breakfast– and headed to the adorable Cafe Campagne. Mmmm.
Nothing like a French breakfast to prepeare for a hike around Pike’s Market, up and down hills, through crowds buying fish, flowers and fruit and into adorable shops.
I love the ferries; we’re taking one to Bainbridge, probably tomorrow.
Without the dark center, these almost looked like albino sunflowers.
Below you’ll find a unique museum. We didn’t check it out this morning.

The Seattle Museum of Art (above) isn’t open Monday or Tuesday so it’s on our list for Wednesdsay. Can’t wait!

No comment needed on the photos above. BTW, I have only texted the new pet sitter 10 times this afternoon and morning, so I’m doing pretty well.
Signs of the times everywhere. Sad.

I like to think this is what Jimi would have looked like today.

I’m going to hop on my Vespa and motor out to see more of the city. Ciao for now!

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