What about that Super Bowl halftime show?

February 7, 2020

Super-Bowl-showIt’s always interesting to see opinions fly on social media and folks had a lot to say about the Super Bowl halftime show. It’s always dangerous to wade into waters that are fraught with people who do not read, do not understand nuance and who are coming from some agenda. But wade in I must.

But first, some things you need to know about me. I loved the political message in the Shakira/JLo show. I love that they did it. I loved seeing JLo’s daughter in the mix. I love how fit these midlife women are and appreciate how hard they work to keep fit. The dance team was great! II thought their show was absolutely amazing and beautiful and fun. These are not only performers, they are athletes. I loved watching them. Oh, and I have no problem with women showing their bodies.

And, at the same time, I think shaking your body in a really sexy (and yes, athletic,) way has nothing to do with female empowerment. Women’s worth has been measured by their sexuality since Eve. It has never been the best way to measure the worth of woman. Never. Nor do I think it should be.

But that’s not even my point.

The question for me was this.… Is the Super Bowl family entertainment? And if it is, do we want young children to be watching crotch shots and pole dancing?

Since the 1980s entertainment has been hyper-sexualized. I remember thinking back then that if young people could watch this kind of content now, what would be left to get them off when they were older? And I think we are seeing the result of that today, when kids are really hyper-sexualized at far too young an age.

I don’t think the primary upset at this show was because they were women showing their bodies, or had that much to do with people being uncomfortable with their sexuality. (That charge irritates me most.)

I think it had to do with how suitable this fabulous show was for the entire family.

And on that I have to say it wasn’t. Clearly this show was not meant for kids.

That doesn’t mean I didn’t dig it. I did. I was thrilled and amazed at the grace and fitness. It was beautiful and sexy and professional. And fun.

But it definitely wasn’t designed for kids. It was adult entertainment. Not in the X-rated sense, but in the “old enough to understand sexuality” sense.

So the question is this: should the Super Bowl show be family entertainment? And how do we define that?

6 comments on “What about that Super Bowl halftime show?
  1. betty says:

    I thought it was great family entertainment. Athleticism, power, quality, grace, beauty, hard work, collaboration. All great messages for every member of the family.

  2. Beth Havey says:

    Carol, This is the best piece I’ve read about the Super Bowl halftime show. In our neighborhood newspaper that tends conservative, there was the “how horrible” letter to the editor that the writer must have dashed off DURING THE SHOW. And I’ve seen more negative comments since. So your conclusion is the best I’ve seen, reasoned and on point. I’m going to share your post with my daughter who I know let my grandchildren watch. 2 boys and one girl. The girl is 13. Would love to know what my daughter thinks as she’s in the thick of it. Beth

  3. Laurie Stone says:

    I thought they did a great job, although am getting sick of the twerking and strip poles. It seems to feed too much into male fantasy. Having said that, I liked most of it, but the overt sexuality seems more designed to please the patriarchy than anything else. Blah.

  4. I feel the same about the influence of the patriarchy. I think that performance would look different in a different world.

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