Can goats actually surf?

September 6, 2015

surfing-goatLate one morning in Maui we decided to go upcountry, toward the crater of Haleakala, the well-known volcano. On our way, we encountered the Surfing Goat Dairy.

Surfing goats?

Well, not exactly.

surfing-goatsThe place should have been named “cute-as-hell-goats” or more accurately, “kids,” because hanging out where we could pet them were these adorable kids.  Yes, baby goats are called “kids.” You knew that, right?
cutest goatsAwwww!  I mean, they were just so cute!  Oh wait, you want to see a video? Here it is!


goat munchg

There’s nothing as adorable as a kid munching some lunch.  As long as that lunch isn’t your favorite shirt. Goats are infamous for eating EVERYTHING.
cute goatsSilly kids! Don’t get your neck stuck!

goat apron

We toyed with the idea of buying some cheese, but figured we wouldn’t have time to consume it. But I’ll bet it’s good.

Continuing up the road to Haleakala’s crater, the cloud cover got dense and we knew that visibility would be low. So we came back down the volcano without seeing the crater (which I’ve seen before, but M hasn’t). But we did have a good lunch upcountry at the Kula Lodge.

Have you been to Surfing Goat Dairy?

6 comments on “Can goats actually surf?
  1. I’ve never been to a goat dairy, but I did know that baby goats are called “kids” because I had an elementary school teacher who, everytime someone referred to a child as a kid, would say, “Is so-and-so a baby goat? ” I also didn’t get to see Haleakala’s crater. When we drove up there, there was a storm with horizontal rain and the wind chill was something like 27 degrees Fahrenheit

  2. WendysHat says:

    Fun! You lost me after you said Hawaii though. Ha ha! I haven’t been to that cafe but have been to the crater and love it there.

  3. Carol Graham says:

    As my daughter’s shepherdess for her goats and sheep when they are out of town, I assure you they don’t surf. But they do climb on roofs and poop — a LOT

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