Life is full of surprises

March 15, 2017

Pacific Grove. February 2017. Image by me.

My life has always been full of surprises. The unexpected. Love and betrayal. Family crazies. Friendships gained and lost. Your life’s probably been the same. Because that’s what life is. It’s full of surprises.

Today I’m at Stanford Hospital, where my husband is having a three-hour surgery. We expect a full recovery. But the need for this procedure, which the surgeon was unwilling to put off until the summer, the need for it came as a surprise. Not what we expected. Or wanted.

But here’s the thing: For every miraculous thing in life there’s likely to be its polar opposite. That’s just the way of the world.

Nonetheless, life churns on and just like waves on my beloved Pacific coast, life can be calm or it can roar and boom. It can be peaceful or swirling with action.

And just like when you’re stuck on the water in a storm, there’s nothing to do but ride it out.  So that’s what we’re doing.

Maybe life’s handed you a few odd turns and twists. Some surprises. Maybe some of them have been serious. Maybe you feel trapped, backed into a corner, like you can’t do anything about it.

Well, there’s something you can do. The only thing you can do.

Hang on and ride it out.

Surf the top of the waves or dive in and swim.

And when things are good? Live out loud. Balls out, as they say. Live balls out.

Prayers and positive thoughts for my husband’s full and easy recovery are so appreciated.

41 comments on “Life is full of surprises
  1. Prayers coming your way.

  2. Pat says:

    Prayers and positive thoughts coming your way from Switzerland. Hope the surgery goes okay.

  3. I hope everything turns out better than expected and his recovery is speedy. My mum always says “up and over” when the waves of life start crashing in.

  4. Julia says:

    Prayers and thinking if you and your husband. I love the imagery of the ocean. It’s helpful with my life right now.

  5. Cheri says:

    Big hugs to you and M! I’ll be watching to hear how the morning goes, with prayers for his recovery.

  6. Thank you for the reminder. My thought are with both of you today.

  7. Donna Parker says:

    Sending best wishes, Carol, big hugs and positive thoughts. xox

  8. robin masshole mommy says:

    Hope that all goes well with your husband! I am sending positive vibes your way!

  9. Dan says:

    Breathe into your ❤️ exhale the anxiety…all is well…all is as it should be.

  10. Brenda Brown says:

    Praying for your husband.

  11. Barbara says:

    Sending love and all the good feels for both of you. 2017 has been a challenge for so many. We have to stay focused on the good. I adore Pacific Grove!

  12. prayers for your husband! It can be scary to be a spouse dealing with that, I know I would probably be freaking out.

  13. bennyMaKacHi says:

    Sending you love and light! Prayers and positive thoughts coming your way from Nigeria.

  14. Sapana V says:

    Stay strong. Everything will be fine soon. I wish for a fast recovery of your husband.

  15. Definitely praying for your husband! I hope all is well again soon.

  16. GiGi Eats says:

    I am praying for your husband right now! I really hope everything goes according to plan. I am giving you a virtual hug right now!

  17. Gina says:

    My thoughts are with you. I do love your metaphor of life and the ocean.

  18. Laurie Stone says:

    Sending good thoughts to you and your husband, Carol.

  19. Anna palmer says:

    Ride those waves. Xo

  20. Sending prayers your way for successful repairing and healing and a positive outlook and outcome for you both, Carol. xoxo

  21. Kelly Reci says:

    sending prayers and good vibes for your husband and the family, stay strong and hope all is well!

  22. Elizabeth O. says:

    My thoughts and prayers are with you! I hope your husband recovers soon! We really have no choice but to ride the waves, it’s better to go with it than to drown in the water.

  23. Erica Schwarz says:

    Oh wow, best wishes for a speedy recovery for your husband!

  24. Hoping all turns out well. Sending you light and love.

  25. Will definitely keep your husband in thoughts and prayer. Hope he recovers quickly.

  26. ellie says:

    sending lots of good thoughts to you and your Husband for his quick recovery!


  27. KATHY MYERS says:

    We go through good and bad and always look back and say wow, look what we survived. Best of luck for a full recovery!

  28. My best wishes and prayers for your husband. I know life works in ways we need time to understand, we wonder why us? but then we learn and move on. God bless you, everything will work out the best.

  29. UB Rey says:

    Carol, for as long as I have been following your blog, your posts have always been thought provoking, real, and open. Thank you for sharing your life with us and wish you and your hubby the best and speedy recovery for him. Life is truly full of surprises and for the most part I think it’s just because nothing ever goes “as planned” or as we pictured it lol however, life is still what we make it and we can always make it good 🙂

  30. Life wouldn’t be life without ups and downs. Just gotta ride it out!

  31. My thoughts and prayers are with you! I’m sure he’ll be recovering fast and will be in the pinkest of health in no time!

  32. Prayers coming your way! Wish you husband speedy recovery. When things gets tough, the tough gets going.

  33. Thi says:

    Praying for your husbands quick recovery! Stay strong ! xoxo

  34. Lots of positive thoughts and prayers coming your way! Thank you for encouraging others in the midst of your own struggles!

  35. Your post reminds me to be grateful every day for my health and that of my family. Things can change in a heartbeat. Just last weekend I was walking down the street enjoying some downtime with my husband, hit a patch of ice and went down. No serious injury but it could have resulted in a life changing moment. So glad I know that your husband came through this in flying colors and is now home recuperating.

  36. Denice says:

    Hoping for your husband’s speedy recovery! Sendinb out prayers as well for him and for you.

  37. Life is full of surprises, good and bad. Sometimes we just need to hang on because this rollercoaster that they call “life” definitely has some crazy ups and downs but we always seem to manage and get through it all!

  38. Beth Giusti says:

    Whenever I’m asked “how are you doing, what’s new?” Aside from, “Oh I’m doing great!” I usually say “nothing new, but you know sometimes no news is good news!”

  39. Christina says:

    So happy that it all went well <3

  40. Sauumye says:

    Praying for your husband. Hope he recovers fully.

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