Talk about a healing heart & making it happen

May 20, 2017
My heart for healing has come to life in the form of a business, A Healing Spirit. I was thrilled to be on a wonderful women's radio show on BlogTalk Radio a few weeks...

How can a guided journal help with grief?

May 19, 2017
  At a memorial service the other day for a man-boy who left us too young, the pastor encouraged mourners to express their grief. "It may sound...

A healing package bonus from A Healing Spirit

May 9, 2017
NOTE: If you're grieving or healing from something, come see how we can help at A Healing Spirit. Ok. Stop what you're doing for a moment. Please. Because you could...

Opportunity to heal

May 6, 2017
Sometimes the body needs a little push from the mind to give it the opportunity to heal. And, as scientific studies have shown, sometimes, drug effectiveness depends...

Gorgeous fashion accessory for sun sensitivity

May 4, 2017
Parasols are back--as a lovely, graceful fashion accessory for those of us who suffer from sun sensitivity. In my youth I enjoyed the hot rays of the sun all the time...

What is a guided journal & why would I want one?

May 3, 2017
What on earth is a guided journal? you may be wondering. We've all seen or bought lovely blank journals and some of us have several sitting unused on a shelf. (Guilty...

It all began during the AIDS epidemic

May 2, 2017
My interest in healing work has been lifelong, but my need to be more hands-on began in the middle 1980s. I was living in the San Francisco Bay area and still do, but...

Mother’s Day Gift Guide

May 1, 2017
Tired of the usual Mother's Day gifts, like flowers or brunches?  If you're lucky enough to still have a mother to honor on May 14, you may want to show you are...

Don’t suffer.

April 29, 2017
Helen Keller is a woman I've always admired. Talk about rising to the occasion.... So ... Whether it's cancer, Crohn's, M.S., chronic pain, anxiety or grief, our...

Benefit from my screw-ups: Part 1

April 28, 2017
I know better. And yet, in starting my new business, A Healing Spirit, which you can find HERE, I screwed up. More than once.  I can't erase those mistakes. But I can...

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