How to prepare for aging in place

August 28, 2023
Most of us live as though we'll be here forever, never considering the end game. Mostly it's because we see aging as loss. Who wants to prepare for that? But is that...

Why I stopped coloring my hair

August 2, 2023
I had beautiful brunette hair once....and then I started coloring it.  First, highlights. And then my hair got lighter and lighter. Dyeing my hair became an every...

Nothing less useful than willful resistance to the realitie...

May 9, 2023
Well, look. We can't stop the aging process, no matter how we try. It's a natural process and if we're lucky, we get to go all the way through it. Oh, sure, we can...

And just like that, we’re old

December 30, 2021
**. SPOILER WARNING. ** You know how we always suspected gyms secretly counted on on us buying  memberships we never used? I'd forgotten that I had Disney+. So...

Conversations have shifted now that we’re older

September 3, 2021
The other day someone pitched me on a workshop to identify "what's holding you back." Well, yeah, I had to laugh. Because nothing has ever really held me back and now...

Now that I’m 70 there’s more time behind than a

July 23, 2021
I'm 70 today. How did I get here? I don't feel a day over 50, honest. I'm still a little girly. With a veneer of maturity. Ok. Maybe more than a veneer. But 70...

Why you’re never too old

June 15, 2021
I'll be 70 this summer.  70! I can't wrap my head around it. Still, it doesn't seem as old as I expected, because it's never occurred to me to approach life with...

How did we get here?

February 6, 2018
My phone pinged in with a text the other morning as I was looking out at the sunshine at Half Moon Bay (Calif.) It was gay husband, sending me this 30-year old...

Weeding out

January 29, 2018
"Last year you decided to weed out people who weren't reciprocal, and you did," my husband reminded me at the end of December. "So what's your goal for this...

Aging hacks

March 8, 2017
No matter how with-it we think we are, there's no question that aging has effects on our bodies and our minds. Cognitively, we're not as sharp as we were when we were...

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