The pain of aging

December 15, 2009
There was a day when the only person I knew with chronic pain was my mother.No more.One friend is disabled by serious hip problems. Two more have fibromyalgia. Another...

You say goodbye and I say hello.

December 11, 2009
Ahem.Well.It's not as straightforward as it seems.In fact it's downright confusing.Have you looked at your hands lately? Don't look too closely. It might scare you.I...

A genuine kind of laughter

November 13, 2009
Dance class last night.We got there early to practice alone.Steps. Missteps. Turns. Twists. We laughed so hard we cried. (You had to be there.) So hard my eye makeup...

The mirror and the alternative

November 2, 2009
"I hate photographs, M. said the other day. "I look in the mirror and still see that same guy I was in college. But photos? They don't lie."Considering the alternative,...

The sound of laughter

October 26, 2009
This morning I heard the most wonderful peal of laughter from the dining room.Riley had just run across the room and leaped gracefully into the bed he sleeps in while...


July 29, 2009
"Being married to a writer means I pretty much abdicate all pretense of privacy," M. observed the other day.Well, yeah. If you know me, you'll eventually end up in...

Progress…I guess

June 2, 2009
Someone I know is planning to have liposuction soon. Not so notable, really. Except for the fact that she is nearing 70 years of age.She is a beautiful woman who doesn't...

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