The art of napping

November 21, 2015
I've always resisted napping, afraid I might miss something. It's the same reason I don't like to sleep in. There's a big world out there and it ticks along regardless...

Wishing for youth

November 5, 2015
Remember these days of youth? I do, too. And I wish I were still young. No, it's not for the unlined skin, pert breasts and full lips. It's not for the thick head of...

It’s probably not dementia

November 4, 2015
Have you ever entered a room and forgotten why you're there? When was the last time you forgot where you parked your car when grocery shopping? What's the last...

Can we harness the wisdom of age?

October 10, 2015
Boomer friends, do you feel old? I didn't think so. It's always a surprise when I have to give my age.  Am I really that old? I think. Think back to the 1950s, when...

Aging, artichokes and risk

August 3, 2015
Have you ever wanted to do something but been kind of, well, afraid to take the risk? Afraid to step outside your comfort zone? This is a photograph of my husband...

The gift of “aging in place”

July 30, 2015
The first time I visited Sicily and saw my 78-year-old great aunt zoom up stairs like these with ease--despite the altitude of about half a mile--I was amazed. No ranch...

Years are getting shorter

April 26, 2015
Don't they? I got a text the other day from a 40-something mom I know whose daughter was about to turn 17.  She said: "I always say about raising kids that days are...

Lessons from the second half of life

March 12, 2015
Life is a long, winding road and as much as we plan, we really can't know for sure what's around the bend.  One of the gifts of age is that a lot of the road now lays...

Are you in love with life?

March 6, 2015 is very important to be in love with life. I have met their 80s who love life so much that, behind their aged bodies, the numbers disappear. ~Keith...

Losing our independence

January 29, 2015
It wasn't so long ago that if I'd heard the words "losing our..." I'd finish the sentence with "religion!" as in the REM song. Remember that? But nowadays "losing...

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