I am not invisible

December 3, 2014
Have you heard? Women my age--let's call it "over 50" --are invisible. That's right. No one pays us any attention. We can't get work, we can't get men, our lives are...

About complaining

November 10, 2014
There's a stereotype of older people in which they're querulously complaining about everything: their health, the neighbor kids, noisy gardeners, bad drivers--you name...

Preparing for death: no unfinished business

August 23, 2014
Tell me, what else should I have done? Doesn’t everything die at last, and too soon? ~Mary Oliver Would've, could've, should've. Who among us hasn't had those...

At peace with my age

July 22, 2014
Looking back all those years ago I can't remember a time when age was an issue for me.  In those days we could drink at 18, so 21 was no big deal.  I don't remember...


July 18, 2014
No one told me anything about menopause. Nothing. Nada. So I swore I'd talk about it out loud so that women coming up behind me would know what to expect.  And,...

Cheaper than a facelift; less painful than botox

May 31, 2014
"Stress takes its toll." We hear it all the time and so many of us, including me, pay lip service to it. But do we really believe it? Like aging, the ravages of stress...

The complicated story of a Roy Orbison concert

May 30, 2014
Who doesn't love Roy Orbison's Pretty Woman? The first few bars of the song, a hit in  1964, defined my young adolescence. And the Traveling Wilburys were a particular...

How I know I’m old

May 22, 2014
When we bought our new Subaru Outback last summer we decided to get Sirius/XM radio. Mostly because we love our oldies--music from the 1960s and also from our earlier...

No-wrinkle Wednesday

April 29, 2014
Oh, it's not Wednesday? That's ok. It still applies. If I've heard it once, I've heard it a million times. "You're 62??  What do you use on your skin? You have no...

Wisdom from Downton Abbey

April 16, 2014
What is there to say? One day I will die. And so will he, and you and every one of us under this roof.  You must put these things in proportion, Mrs....

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