The toilet at CBGB in NYC

June 5, 2013
This seems to be my season to encounter toilet scenes. What I love about this toilet I saw  at New York City's Metropolitan Museum of Art is just that: it's part of a...

Bathing beauties 21st century style

April 30, 2013
I saw these sculptures in a San Francisco gallery last month. She sat in the window posing for tourists, looking as real as can be. And from the back, just as...

Holding space where we R authentic + true

April 19, 2013
Stephanie Paige/Holding Space I've loved modern art since the mid-1970s, the day I walked into the Hirshhorn Museum in Washington, DC and saw their incredible...

Dogs, cars and love

November 30, 2012
Sculptor DDLarue's VW door sculpture If you've ever had a dog and a car, this DDLarue sculpture speaks to you. I loved it! Reminded me of..... My little...

Starry, starry night: another MOMA moment

October 14, 2012
One of the great pleasures of my visits to Amsterdam was time spent at that city's Van Gogh museum. So what a delight it was to find one of Van Gogh's most beloved...

Keith Haring: gone too soon

October 6, 2012
You recognize this artist, right? Born in 1958, but AIDS took him in 1990. Take a good look at the video.This huge Keith Haring piece hanging in New York City at MOMA is...

Living with an open heart

September 21, 2012
Image: Curly Girl Designs People are often unreasonable and self-centered Forgive them, anyway. If you are kind, people may accuse you of ulterior...

Collage, mixed media and neon art

August 25, 2012
Douglas De Vivo/Jenner, Calif. I was visiting with an artist friend the other dayand a beautiful piece on her wall caught my eye. (Not the one above, which I...

Looking down from above

August 17, 2012
MOMA in New York City is a beautifully designed building where interesting installations can be viewed from several angles. It amazes me how artists can consider so many...

Each of us is a mixed bag: a thought-provoking MOMA moment

August 10, 2012
When was the last time you thought about Lyndon Baines Johnson?Ok, I know, to some of you he's nothing but a name in a history book. At least I hope he's there. When I...

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