India: A native of the country responds

December 12, 2013
I was delighted to hear that my nephew and some of his fellow grad students in Syracuse were following my blog posts while I was in India and those posts that followed...

India: the children broke my heart + filled me with joy

December 10, 2013
A small child, maybe 18 months old, dirty, dressed in rags, squatting in the gutter, drinking the dirty water.  The image is seared in my brain. I saw it at the...

India: Elegant archways lead us back in time

December 8, 2013
One of the most beautiful features of historical India is the archway and we saw it in many different renditions, all of them graceful and romantic. and...

India: Mosquitoes, malaria & talismans

December 7, 2013
It's rare that I take a vacation that pushes me so clearly past the boundaries of my comfort level. That's because vacations are supposed to be "fun" and for me, that...

India: Colorful potpourri–Delhi

December 6, 2013
Our stomachs weren't used to the bacteria in the water, so a basic routine was to be sure that we only drank from unopened bottles of brand name water, such as...

India: Dancers demonstrate flexibility and femininity

December 5, 2013
No country does bling as well as India. Sparkling sequins, vibrant colors and shiny gold went well with the feminine moves of these beautiful dancers.  This was a day...

India: the Hindu ritual of cremation

December 4, 2013
If only the bones of a person should touch the water of the Ganges that personal shall dwell, honored, in heaven.~verse from the Mahabharata Cremation was unusual and...

India: Has the mad dog bitten me?

December 2, 2013
Or:    A Rickshaw ride through the chaos that is Old Delhi It’s not just a tourist thing. Locals travel this way. I’ve seen them, saris and all.  Or sarees,...

India: This jungle safari ain’t no Disney production

December 1, 2013
I wrote this in the Panna National Forest in India I awakened to birdsong this morning in the middle of the jungle in India and when I opened the long drapes covering...

India: Saying good night to Ganga-ji every night

November 30, 2013
Varanasi is a sacred place to Hindus—and the Ganges River is especially revered-- like a "mother."  Hindus worship four mothers: their natural mothers, Mother Cow,...

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