Secret drugstore bargains I can’t live without in sum...

July 31, 2018
NOT A SPONSORED POST! Drugstore bargains get a bad name. I don't see any reason to spend a zillion dollars on branded body or face washes or even sunscreen. So here are...

India: Colorful potpourri–Delhi

December 6, 2013
Our stomachs weren't used to the bacteria in the water, so a basic routine was to be sure that we only drank from unopened bottles of brand name water, such as...

Random pleasures

September 20, 2013
One of life's great thrills is wandering around and discovering random pleasures, some guilty and some not so much. Grocery store items I wish I hadn't noticed. So one...

18 bargain-hunting tips

June 20, 2012
We're going shopping today! The Diva's looking for bargains, which means a CLOSE look at everything. And some tried and true tips from a world-class shopper--moi!--...

11 delightful spring fashion statements

May 19, 2012
There's nothing as much fun as a visit to the store, Anthropologie*, especially in spring. Their women's clothing, accessories and home decor are a little idiosyncratic...

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