Beautiful things: perfect red bloom

January 7, 2010
It was blooming quietly in the cold winter air, nestled among the greens and growth in a corner of an old Charleston...

Beautiful things ~ Santa Maria Maggiore in Rome

November 29, 2009
My favorite church.The most beautiful I've ever...

Beautiful things ~ typewriter

November 25, 2009
These old and battered typewriter keys remind me of an old Royal my parents had. (Wish I still had it.) And the one on which I learned to type in 7th grade.My Mass Media...

Beautiful things ~ colorful fabric

November 24, 2009
I love fabric and especially colorful fabric. This struck my fancy the other...

Beautiful things ~ Bollywood dancers

November 22, 2009

Beautiful things ~ red barns in Norway

November 21, 2009

Beautiful things ~ color & shape

November 18, 2009

Beautiful things~Yosemite

November 17, 2009
Friends often ask what I love so much about northern California.(And do get this right, it's NORTHERN, because to us, the southern part of the state simply does not...

Beautiful things ~ fall road

November 14, 2009

Beautiful things ~ twigs, candles, birds

November 13, 2009

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