At peace with my age

July 22, 2014
Looking back all those years ago I can't remember a time when age was an issue for me.  In those days we could drink at 18, so 21 was no big deal.  I don't remember...

Cheaper than a facelift; less painful than botox

May 31, 2014
"Stress takes its toll." We hear it all the time and so many of us, including me, pay lip service to it. But do we really believe it? Like aging, the ravages of stress...

No-wrinkle Wednesday

April 29, 2014
Oh, it's not Wednesday? That's ok. It still applies. If I've heard it once, I've heard it a million times. "You're 62??  What do you use on your skin? You have no...

Wisdom from Downton Abbey

April 16, 2014
What is there to say? One day I will die. And so will he, and you and every one of us under this roof.  You must put these things in proportion, Mrs....

Accepting the new reality: a generation in denial

March 21, 2014
The hunt for the mythical Fountain of Youth didn't die with Ponce de Leon. It's still alive and well. Just look around. Desperate attempts to look younger are...

My fantasy world

March 7, 2014
So girlfriend and were chatting yesterday.  She's around my age and had a beautiful mother whose genes she inherited. Although she doesn't think so. And so she's had a...

Green manicures and being young at heart

August 22, 2013
I was feeling puckish yesterday, up for some fun, ready for a good time, so with time on my hands I tossed a tiny bottle of pistachio-colored nail polish in my bag and...

If it takes bigger breasts to feel better…

August 14, 2013
These beautiful petit fours are a small work of art, aren't they? Just gorgeous.  Fondant helps make any confection a work of art. But, it doesn't taste so good. In...

Aging gracefully: a new defintion

March 26, 2013
Credit If you're a Baby Boomer, aging is probably on your mind.  Aging gracefully is a horse of a different color.  Literally.  Because it means something...

Defining beauty

January 11, 2013
Emerson wrote that in 1860, but it has special meaning today, since beauty has become a medically-commercial commodity that he could have never anticipated. It's...

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