Why I’ll never have cosmetic surgery

May 25, 2012
All my old photos had gone by the wayside over the years, so I hadn't had to face the comparison of what I looked like as a young woman and what I look like at this...

11 delightful spring fashion statements

May 19, 2012
There's nothing as much fun as a visit to the store, Anthropologie*, especially in spring. Their women's clothing, accessories and home decor are a little idiosyncratic...


April 21, 2012
Hotel Valencia lounge balcony.An icy cold cosmo and a bottle of fun Butter polish I found in Seattle last year.Butter polish is 3-Free: no horrible chemicals. Years...

Face stretchers: such a great term

April 7, 2012
*Hover your mouse over product names for live links. Back in the Jazz Age, there was a common term for an old woman trying to look young: face stretcher. It's still...

Furkins: a step up from vajazzling

January 19, 2012
If you've been reading Diva more than a year, I'm sure you remember my post on vajazzling. It was a popular post. A bit more popular than the one on National...

Finding beauty

December 30, 2011
Altered Gypsy Where do I even start with this?I won't even.Just the observation that beauty can be found in the most unlikely...

A fish tale

September 1, 2011
I'm a girlie-girl and I make no apology for it. I wasn't raised in the country. I never killed my own food. I had a career in business. My father fished about once a...

Women, self-worth & what Nienie teaches us by example

August 10, 2011
The Dove Campaign for Real Beauty brought to the forefront the damage done by the unhealthy images women see in beauty magazines. Yesterday, I blogged about...

Nienie on beauty: up close & personal

August 9, 2011
Beauty and body image are big topics today. Cosmetic surgery, fillers, injectables and a wide variety of skin potions, body padding, Spanx and cosmetics testify to...

Best plastic surgery result ever

July 18, 2011

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