Natural beauty & originality

June 6, 2011
This goes against the grain today,when the meaning of "aging gracefully"includes cosmetic surgery and injectibles.I saw an author's book jacket photo theother day....

Being girly

May 4, 2011
Sometimes, you just have to be girly, there's no two ways about it. If you're female, there's always some pull to the feminine, even if it's just a tiny little pang....

Cosmetic surgery & self esteem

January 22, 2011
If it makes you feel better about yourself,I see nothing wrong with it.We hear this all the time as justification for all the plastic surgery going on today.Breast...

Real, "unenhanced" beauty

September 25, 2010
Elizabeth Taylor was truly the most beautiful woman in the world, and today's artificially put-together women don't hold a candle to what she looked like in her prime.I...

Nail polish addiction

August 27, 2010
Remember when nail polishes were either clear, red, pink or coral? Maybe you don't. But I do.Times have changed, though. Last week I saw that Chanel had released these...

Girly-girls, this one’s for you! Ooh la frou frou!

August 21, 2010
I know I don't exactly seem like a girly-girl, but at heart, I am. Oh, who am I kidding? Everyone KNOWS what a girly-girl I am!And lately, I've been way into the old...

Crying out for vajazzle

July 6, 2010
Bouguereau's Birth of Venus was the first thing I saw as I entered the Impressionist exhibit at the deYoung this morning. It was a dramatic sight.My first thought,...


July 2, 2010
Do you remember the Bedazzler? It's a little stapler gadget used to apply rhinestones and geegaws to fabric. It was big in the 80s but is still around and sold on...

Women becoming cyborgs

April 23, 2010
There seems to be a disturbing trend afoot: women are paying good money to look like cyborgs. Or worse. I mean, those unnatural lips are bad enough, but did she have to...

Inexplicable beauty trends

March 12, 2010
Let's face it. Most of us girls love fashion. We read magazines like Allure, More, Glamour, and I haven't met a woman yet who doesn't appreciate a good cosmetic...

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