Wine: sunlight held together by water

March 28, 2014
Spring in wine country has none of the bustle of the fall harvest. Vines are budding--sighting of first buds is called bud-break-- and winemakers are busy with the...

Yes, my darlings, spring has sprung

March 22, 2014
Spring. It's sprung, at least this week and at least in the San Francisco Bay area and on the Monterey peninsula. And in Sonoma. Here's what I found on my...

Breathing in the Beats at City Lights

March 20, 2014
City Lights may well have the richest literary heritage of any independent bookstore in the United States. Inhale, and breathe in the history of Beat literature. City...

What I’ve been up to since India

December 22, 2013
From the looks of things around this website and blog, you'd think I was still in India.   No, we're home. And we're back to our regularly scheduled programming here...

Bird’s eye view of the Golden Gate Bridge

November 14, 2013
Is it a bird? Is it a plane? No, it's a retired California Highway Patrol investigator who had a chance to shoot this incredible photo from atop the Golden Gate...

It’s just a car

August 29, 2013
Draft essay, unfinished, written in the summer of 2002: I drove my brand new BMW to the Henry Miller Library in Big Sur yesterday. There was something anachronistic...

Sidewalk art or graffiti?

August 8, 2013
I was trying to explain British artist Banksy's street art to my husband the other day. "Ok, so you're saying that he does graffiti? That his ruining of public...

Simple charms: geraniums in tomato cans + pasta

August 4, 2013
Sometimes, the simplest decor tells the whole story. The brightly labeled contents of these tomato cans were used to make tomato sauce and the re-purposed to serve as...

Nothing beats the Beats

August 2, 2013
I was just two years old when Poet Lawrence Ferlinghetti founded City Lights bookstore in North Beach section of San Francisco. It was 1953 and no one could have...

Beam me up to a good mass transit system

July 4, 2013
I wrote this months ago, before BART went on strike. BART is a "rapid transit" train that many people in the San Francisco Bay area take to work. But not near enough,...

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