Chinatown exposed: life in the alleys

July 26, 2010
Chinatown is not the bustling hive of economic activity it seems to tourists. Our tour guide, Rick Evans, pointed out that the real Chinatown life is in the alleys off...

Chinatown exposed: all is not as it seems

July 25, 2010
If you've been to San Francisco, you have probably seen some of Chinatown. I knew a few things about it, but had never been on an official "inside tour" until...

No exit

July 17, 2010
Our friend and Realtor found us a home thathad many of the characteristics of perfection.At least for us.But alas, as usual, M and I were completelyaligned in our...

It saved me, it did

July 17, 2010
It's a beautiful, hot sunny day. We've celebrated our first anniversary and our 38th.M. has had a great report from his cardiologist. My birthday's next week. We've just...

San Francisco in panorama

July 11, 2010
If you're lucky enough to visit the deYoung Museum in San Francisco be sure to take the elevator to the 9th floor observation tower, where you'll have wonderful 360...

Shake it up baby (twist & shout)

July 6, 2010
Buck tradition. That's what the Impressionists did, even though to our contemporary eye, the paintings look traditional and are considered classical.Impressionists were...

Late off the train

May 22, 2010
The wind is gusting big-time here in Sunnyvale, where I'm getting ready to watch the season finale of Grey's Anatomy on Hulu. I am not looking forward to the carnage...

Northern California living

May 17, 2010
Since I have a bunch of readers who don't live in California, I thought they might like to know a little bit about what living here is like. Other than just the fact...

Holy Saturday checklist

April 2, 2010
1. Get up early.2. Drive to Santa Cruz. Introduce it to M.3. Get out at Seabright Beach and take a long walk.4. Have fabulous cup of coffee somewhere fun.5. Drive...

Seen today at the mall

April 1, 2010
Something you wouldn't see many other places:A male makeup artist in a mall kiosk applying foundation on another young man. Blending well.The young man saw me...

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