Authentic was his middle name

July 18, 2010
I watched the last few episodes of The Deadliest Catch this month, the ones that lead to Capt. Phil Harris' death. Capt. Phil was arguably the star of the show. A...

RIP, Captain Phil

February 10, 2010
You may remember last spring, when Riley and I were housebound with what I think was swine flu, what got me through the three-day fever was watching The Deadliest Catch...

Pretty pink

September 13, 2009
Pink. It's got such a pretty feel to it. So feminine.I'm feeling very girly this morning and I wish I had this beautiful bouquet to look at.I also wish my little house...


July 7, 2009
In the days since Michael Jackson died, more has become known. Now, apparently, the child who said MJ had molested him recanted, saying that his father wanted the ...

Filipino prisoners can’t dance.

June 28, 2009
I love Michael K. From I quote his blog below, and it is worth the 10 minutes to see this clip. It's ...surreally funny ... I mean, you don't know whether...

We are the world…

June 28, 2009
...and dont you forget it! This is a tight-tight-tight production, with killer harmony....

Laid to rest in the arms of Morpheus

June 27, 2009
I suppose it’s no surprise to anyone that prescription drug abuse may be implicated in Michael Jackson’s cardiac arrest. Demerol , they say. Maybe morphine. Why such...

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