Sen-Sen & the taste of nostalgia

July 19, 2015
I found this squirreled away in a box a few months ago and it brought back so many memories. So very many.  Are you familiar with Sen-Sen? It was the 1950s version...

Back to the Sixties

June 2, 2014
It was a decade in which so much happened we could hardly keep up with it. Vietnam. Women’s liberation. Civil rights. Assassinations. The moon walk. The air was...

Do kids today sew?

February 12, 2014
I had to sew a missing button on a velvet jacket the other day. As I dug through my old sewing tin, something I rarely do anymore, I remembered watching my grandmother...

India: the children broke my heart + filled me with joy

December 10, 2013
A small child, maybe 18 months old, dirty, dressed in rags, squatting in the gutter, drinking the dirty water.  The image is seared in my brain. I saw it at the...

All mistakes serve a purpose

October 30, 2013
"Your best teacher is your last mistake." That is, if you're willing to recognize it. And learn. What are your thoughts about mistakes? I'm not a parent, but it seems...

Old-time pharmacies gone the way of the Edsel

August 28, 2013
I'm really lucky to be in the age group that remembers old-time pharmacists. You know, the ones that knew us, our ailments and wanted to sit for a spell and give us...

This little piggy

August 7, 2013
I love pigs. I love their pinkness and how happy they are. I love the saying "happier than a pig in shit" because it's true: no matter how much shit they're in, they...

Sew what?

February 1, 2013
Home economics (what a misnomer!)  wasn't one of my favorite courses in high school. Do they still teach it?Nonetheless, I can wield a needle for basic repairs as...

You say "naughty" like it’s a bad thingR

January 14, 2013
Don't know what it is that I love about these Anne Taintor Vintage revisited funnies, but they never fail to crack me up. All images from, where you...

A nod to the Everly Brothers and other retro stuff

October 2, 2012
Credit  I don't know why someone didn't think of this before now. Oh wait. You were born after 1970? Ok then. It's a nod to an Everly Brothers song. And now...

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