The taste of kindness and peace

September 22, 2009
We had a nice, long, hard sleep, in two segments, actually, and woke up rested, in time to have a delicious breakfast.Thick yogurt with fruit so redolent of the fields ...

The things you remember

September 10, 2009
My life has been woven of colorful and rich experiences. Although some of the memories are worn and faded, like old tapestries, I can still make them out. Sometimes, I...

Who we are; who we become

September 8, 2009
We can never really know how others see us, can we? I mean, we can guess, but fact is, we just can't get into their heads and see ourselves as they see us.For most of...

Oxen and husbands

September 5, 2009
The Italians have a saying:Mogli (mariti) e buoi de paesi tuoi. Choose oxen and wives (or husbands) from your own home town.There's something to be said for that.My...

Equal time

September 4, 2009
Since I posted about my high school, I think it's only fair that I show you the logo for my husband's high school.While we are from the same "hometown" of Rochester, NY,...

Summer Snow Dreams

August 4, 2009
It's 5 a.m., already in the 70s in Tampa and we are already longing for the end of summer. In fact, my fabulous husband and I have been talking about our fall and...

An anachronism, already

June 22, 2009
Just in from FLH:An era ends. Sorry, Paul Simon, Kodak’s axing KodachromeSomething that is a bit more meaningful for those of us who call Kodak headquarters city,...

Morning Coffee

May 8, 2009
I've always liked the image of a 1950s klatch. It's a casual get together for coffee and chat that was the staple of 1950s housewife life, for those who are too young to...

Strange bedfellows

April 27, 2009
This is, in fact, what it looks like. A giant Ebay slot machine. And it sits on a wall at the Seminole Hard Rock Casino in Tampa.I found it, and I found it astonishing....

Summer approaching

April 4, 2009
I know it sounds crazy, especially to those of you in Rochester, where it SNOWED today. But the humidity here in Tampa started about a week ago. A tiny respite...

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