Don’t let toxic masculinity (and CTE) destroy your so

May 31, 2023
An impactful piece on chronic traumatic encephalopathy or CTE in the Washington Post* broke my heart. CTE is a fatal brain disease associated with repeated...

The nitty-gritty on the back-to-school debate

July 13, 2020
What if kids don't go back to school? What if parents don't want to take the risk that their kids will get sick or even carry Covid back to them or other family...

Why I wish I’d had kids

March 24, 2016
Looking around, I can see that this having kids thing is pretty much a crapshoot.  It hardly ever goes as planned. My hat is off to any and all parents who have had the...

Does good parenting mean controlling kids’ media?

March 19, 2015
Our world is consumed by violence and it's only getting worse. While international horrors have taken center stage lately, closer-to-home killings at Sandy Hook and...

India: the children broke my heart + filled me with joy

December 10, 2013
A small child, maybe 18 months old, dirty, dressed in rags, squatting in the gutter, drinking the dirty water.  The image is seared in my brain. I saw it at the...

All mistakes serve a purpose

October 30, 2013
"Your best teacher is your last mistake." That is, if you're willing to recognize it. And learn. What are your thoughts about mistakes? I'm not a parent, but it seems...

The god of frolic

January 10, 2013
Riley goes for a ride Held securely in the back seat by me (so no airbag will deploy on sudden stops) with the window open just two inches or so, Riley enjoys a...

Shopping in the Sahara

March 27, 2012
The children of the desert--kids who belong to nomadic Berber family--fascinated me. Here we were in the middle of nowhere (or so it seemed to us) and these kids would...

Going to hell in a handbasket*

February 11, 2012
I saw this day coming. The day in which three-year-olds compete in beauty pageants wearing heavy eye-makeup, false lashes and dressed as the main character in the...

Handling unattended children

December 8, 2011
This sign hangs on the wall in my hair salon.It may be the best definition of "effective" ever, as I have never seen an unattended child...

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