May holiday spirit be with you all year round

December 24, 2022
I've had reason to think long and hard about holiday spirit this season and even to have a discussion about it with a dear friend. So here's what I want to say: We...

Retro holiday reminiscences & our favorite Boomers wei...

December 12, 2022
I love this retro holiday scene that has to be familiar to some of us early Baby Boomer because it looks like a card from a bygone era, doesn't it? And oh, how I long...

No matter how you celebrate

December 24, 2021
...wear a mask. Wishing you happy holidays and a brighter new...

How about some fun holiday activities for kids?

December 13, 2021
Back in the day, kids were home on winter holidays. Remember when parents racked their brains to come up with fun holiday activities for kids? I've got some for...

Home for the holidays survival guide

November 13, 2017
It's ironic that the so-called "happiest time of the year" can actually be the most stressful.  There's something about being home for the holidays that can bring out...

DIY holiday gifts

November 7, 2017
If you've got kids or grandkids there's nothing more fun than helping them make easy, crafty holiday gifts. It's a cool thing to do any time but especially if you've got...

Happy Christmas

December 25, 2016

Dreaming of a white Christmas

December 22, 2016
But dreaming is all I can do. It's winter, and this stack of wood outside the Santa Fe home we have rented the past two autumns must be coming in handy to combat the...

Holiday atrocities

December 20, 2016
Holiday atrocities? Oh yeah. This is the first year I've seen some horrific things at our usual Christmas tree lot, and I simply had to share. Because, well, they are...

Surviving the holidays

December 13, 2016
Having read all your posts about family gatherings during which tensions ran high, I realize it's time to revive last year's post about surviving family and friends for...

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