Seattle + coffee

August 25, 2010
Seattle and coffee go together like...oh, a horse & carriage, don't they?But around town, I'm seeing more Tully's and Seattle's Best coffee shops than...

Via? vaya!

August 13, 2010
You've got to hand it to Starbucks.The company's built annual revenues from around $90 million in 1992 to $10 BILLION today.And they've done it by creating a mystique...

The ritual of coffee

October 14, 2009
I love the ritual of morning coffee.Waking up early and brewing two big mugs of strong, hot brew.Black for M. Half 'n Half for me.And none of those tiny, pussy coffee...

Old School Coffee

September 9, 2009
I'm at school and really wanted a cup of coffee. Our department admin just made a pot of very strong, "traditional" office coffee. After a decade of...

A squirrelly day

June 2, 2009
Unlike me, they're still asleep, but when they're up, they enjoy games of chase and tag all over the screens to the patio. Tormenting Riley. And that's pretty much the...

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