How to succeed on the Whole 30

February 6, 2017
So what's the Whole 30? It's a 30-day clean eating plan that eliminates all dairy, grains and sugar from your diet. It's a way to truly detox without taking any...

Detoxing. No, really.

December 15, 2016
There I stood in my kitchen, churning butter. Well, not really churning it. I was actually clarifying it to remove milk solids --the dairy portion of butter. You...

Scrumptious snack-hacks 60 calories or less

March 2, 2016
Sometimes, you've just got to have a snack. But you want something healthy, but also satisfying. Maybe you've got a sweet tooth, or maybe it's the crunch you want....

How to boost metabolism without drugs

December 10, 2015
Maybe like me, you do more sitting around than you did in your youth. After mid-life, many of us complain about the spread that comes from sitting on our rear ends in...

Snack Healthy with new Yoplait Greek 100

January 13, 2015
The first time I tasted Yoplait Greek 100 yogurt I couldn’t believe how delicious it was, and how satisfying. How could something so creamily yummy have so few...

Dosha Pops: candy that supports health

July 20, 2014
You know I love all things India, so when I heard about Dosha Pops-- handmade lollipops with ingredients that support a healthier lifestyle based on your Ayurvedic...

My fantasy world

March 7, 2014
So girlfriend and were chatting yesterday.  She's around my age and had a beautiful mother whose genes she inherited. Although she doesn't think so. And so she's had a...

Strong is the new skinny

March 3, 2014
"I play basketball," a trainer in the gym told me.  "I ran cross country in middle school, but now, I play basketball." "They run cross country in MIDDLE school?" I...

Squandering the gift of good health

April 30, 2012
It's farmers market time in my part of the world and the seasonal vendors are getting ready to bring their beautiful fruits and vegetables to us.We have produce...

Cupcake of the day~ they’re good for us. Yep.

October 8, 2010
I can't find the source for these adorable cupcake liners. But they certainly would making baking even more fun! Cupcakes are good for you. Zip on over to...

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