17 lbs of meat

September 8, 2009
If I think about what 17 lbs. of ground beef looks like, it makes me appreciate what I've done since July 21 or so.Yeah. So far.Feels...

I heart food but…

August 5, 2009
This is how weird I can get about food.This meal program requires me to eat regularly and steadily every few hours. Protein heavy. No fruits at all. Unlimited veggies of...

Pieces & Bits

August 4, 2009
Monday night in class I got really dizzy. Probably because I'm underfed. No time before class to cook up my protein & veggies, so I grabbed a protein shake, piece...


August 3, 2009
A chocolate muffin made with Splenda and soy flour is not a chocolate muffin. In fact, it’s no kind of muffin at all.Having a dog that wants to help you bake (be held...

Constant Craving

July 27, 2009
(with apologies to KD Lang for the title...) There's nothing like that huge burst of energy you get once the carbs are out of your system, your system is working clean...

Breaking habits

July 25, 2009
Someone close to me struggles with the smoking thing. Quit for a month, then took it up again. With all the usual excuses. I was very disappointed.It's been so many...

The Perfect Diet

May 24, 2009
I've hit on it.Today my taste buds have disappeared. I'm sure it's the sinus infection.But here's the deal.If food has no pleasure, there's no real reason to eat.Almost...

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