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February 21, 2017
Nose work for dogs is a team sport. No, the dogs aren't a team--you and your dog together are a team. And the biggest lesson for most handlers is to "trust your...

Nosing around town

August 1, 2015
I'm getting ready to go to nose class, where I learn to locate things by scent. Want to come? Today was the first day we worked outdoors. Miss Pam put a bunch of boxes...

How not to feed a dog

July 9, 2014
Yes, he's adorable. But those who know and love him get most tickled by his dinner plate, which gets almost as many comments as his adorableness. In real life, that...

Smart dogs do for themselves

August 21, 2013
We bought a nifty new retractable screen door for the French doors off our patio, recently. Not only do they retract smoothly, but because we bought one that cuts the...

How to teach a dog agility

July 11, 2013
  Smart dogs need something to do. Yes, they do. If, like us,  you have a very smart dog, you know that regular activities just don't keep his attention. And a...

Riley: "I does what I wants to do"

June 13, 2012
"He's sooo cuuuttte!" everyone says when they see Riley. And he is.If they don't know him, they don't understand why Riley's latest report from his trainer said, and I...

Training Riley, training us

February 5, 2010
Our new dog trainer spent almost half a day with us yesterday and I have to say that it was worth every minute.I can't say that I heard a lot significantly different...

The root of Riley’s attitude problem

November 24, 2009
That's right. We found his secret stash of affirmation tapes. THIS is why he's such a confident dog.We've confiscated them.And listen to them ourselves, with a...

School Nights….

June 9, 2009
Riley went to class last night, since we're gone on his usual Friday training night. He practiced his high-fives, shake and wave, and then started to learn "back" and...

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