How we started Christmas in London

November 25, 2022
Christmas in London has begun! It was a week of cold-ish weather, some rain --and pretty spectacular Christmas decorations. London was alight with festive holiday...

Life on board a Viking ship

December 30, 2014
Even after poring over the beautiful color brochures we received, I wasn't sure what to expect when we booked our Viking cruise.  You've probably wondered the same...

A Christmas market in Regensburg

December 21, 2014
I'm sure you'd like to know what a Christmas market is really like, right? We went to quite a few, but one that stands out is at the Thurn and Taxis Palace in...

Alpacas, camels, kids: German Christmas market

December 20, 2014
Alpacas aren't the first things to come to mind when someone says "Christmas market." In fact, they never come to mind at all.  But they were absolutely the cutest...

The latest gossip from Passau, Germany

December 18, 2014
Passau is a charming town in the lower Bavaria part of  Germany near the Austrian border. It's known as The Three Rivers City, because three rivers converge at the...

My judgment at Nuremberg

December 16, 2014
M didn't want to go to the Nazi Rally Grounds or Courtroom 600, where the Nuremberg trials were held. He said he didn't want another reminder of the Nazi atrocities,...

Budapest food, culture and other things

December 9, 2014
Come lunch-time, the Christmas market was the place to be. Mulled wine—gluhwein—was everywhere.  But which booth would we choose? We decided to eat first. Because...

Walking Budapest in the rain

December 8, 2014
We arrived in Budapest on a dull grey, overcast day, a day that made it easy to remember that Hungary was once safely tucked behind the Iron Curtain. Does any generation...

Kisses, green beer and St. Patrick

March 17, 2014
Yeah, you thought today was just about green beer and shamrocks, right? Well, it's also about gratitude and blessings. Because St. Paddy? (no, it's not Patty, it's...

Me, pretending I live at Downton Abbey

June 18, 2013
Scene:  London hotel room. Book: originally written 1894 My husband to me: "I wish I had a photo of you reading that." (Your wish is my command,...

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