Making gingerbread in Germany

December 22, 2014
I wouldn't have minded, really, it would have been fun--but no, we didn't make it. We did get to watch the Family Simon show us the making gingerbread process, as well...

Healthy Thanksgiving side dishes

November 22, 2014
Thanksgiving traditions die hard, don't they?  My husband's a traditionalist and for the most part, he wants his traditional holiday dishes. But this year, I'm making a...

Dosha Pops: candy that supports health

July 20, 2014
You know I love all things India, so when I heard about Dosha Pops-- handmade lollipops with ingredients that support a healthier lifestyle based on your Ayurvedic...

Fresh fruit recipes for summer

July 19, 2014
Mid-summer's the time when we're looking for fresh recipes using the abundant harvest we see at the market. Tasty summer fruit recipes. Easy summer salads. Healthy...

Best vegetable soup

June 22, 2014
Yes, I know summer is here. Hot weather. But I also know that sometimes, you just want to eat something healthy and filling. And simple to make.  This is  the best...

Easy, healthy lemon chicken

May 5, 2014
Walking Riley the other day, I caught a glimpse of one of our lemon trees, heavy with fruit. Oh, the taste of a lemon right off the tree!  I asked M to pick a few and...

Easy, healthy stuffed chicken breasts

April 10, 2014
Wondering what to make for dinner tonight?  I know--who wants to slave over a hot stove all night? Certainly not I. But. There are more simple, good-for-you main...

Nutty, roasted delicata squash

March 11, 2014
It's really, really winter's end. When Delicata squash started appearing in our organic box it's a signal that fall had arrived in full force and now, winter coming to...

Roosting roosters + vegetarianism

March 10, 2014
So, girlfriend & I were wandering around Tampa's Ybor City in January, heading for a movie, when we came across these beauties. They were just pecking on some...

My fantasy world

March 7, 2014
So girlfriend and were chatting yesterday.  She's around my age and had a beautiful mother whose genes she inherited. Although she doesn't think so. And so she's had a...

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