Not my nature to love by halves

September 25, 2014
"Did you put a bottle of Lambert Bridge wine in my refrigerator?" Girlfriend asked me that the other day in an early morning phone call. It was the kind of question...

What goes around.

September 18, 2014
I've been so consumed with the important things in my life these past weeks that I'd completely forgotten that there have been a couple of people buzzing negative and...

The power of faith and intention

September 2, 2014
Imagine every cell in her/your body is dancing to her/your favorite song moving in perfect harmony to the uplifting melody that makes her/ your body come alive and...

Shine on!

August 8, 2014
Look. There's a lot of pain in the world and a whole bunch of it is caused by how people treat one another. We pay lip service to the Golden Rule, but how often do we...

She was my kind of crazy

January 25, 2014
If you don't have a full tank of crazy, we have nothing in common, that's what I say. I had lunch the other week with a new friend, someone I met via social media. ...

Girlfriends & destiny

April 27, 2013
Girlfriends are sisters that destiny forgot to give you. Oh, I'm not so sure that destiny forgets much. So it has to be purposeful.  March came in like both...

Sunshine, girlfriends, temptation: follow me!

March 1, 2013
by Lisa Frances Judd So, here I go this morning, back east to the land of sand and sunshine,  snowbirds and lower real estate prices.  Tampa, Florida. It's...

Girlfriends, booze, chocolate and Thanksgiving

November 20, 2012
Ain't it the truth! We are off this morning to a tiny town outside Boulder, CO, where we'll spend the holiday with a longtime friend and her companion. And her dog,...

Good neighbors, good parties

June 19, 2012
The "neighbs" and their dogs came over the other afternoon for an impromptu, 1950s-style potluck.  Shrimp on the barbie, flatbread with pear, arugula and...

Que sera, sera!

June 10, 2012
Or rather: I'm not really a fan of syrah, are you? But I read a legend about it: It was brought from Syracusa by the legions of Roman emperor Probus after 280...

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