Vintage new year’s party

December 28, 2010
Cocktail parties disappeared about the time flower power took hold. But, for those of you too young to remember, there was a day when everyone got dressed up and went to...

A play!

August 6, 2010
Heading off to pick up a girlfriend & her friend in the mountains, and then off to Big Sur.We'll cap our day in Carmel, where we're going to a table reading of a...

A favor

June 28, 2010
I'm going to ask a favor.I've written before about an inspirational woman in Utah who was badly burned and disfigured in a small aircraft accident in 2008. I believe she...

We ask for prayers

May 20, 2010
The other day a girlfriend was admiring a miniature shrineto the Virgin Mary that hangs near my front door."If you want results," she said, "pray to Mary. She gets...

Cold night, warm hearts

January 10, 2010
To our beloved friends and family who celebrated our remarriage with us last night, thank you!Despite the cold night, we had a blast, and hope you did, too.To those...

Getting our groove on

October 6, 2009
And dance, we shall, at our January celebration.I met with our event planner today. M and I decided on our invitations. We talked about the music, again. We talked...

Taking a chance

July 17, 2009
A longtime friend of mine and her husband live in Hood River, Oregon and this is the view off their back porch in the spring. It's an awesome property, some 8 acres, if...

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