Going there? Are you serious, Katie Couric?

January 31, 2023
I just heard the audio book, Going There, by Katie Couric. I found it interesting. What I did NOT find it is controversial. Or shockingly revelatory, as reviewers...

May holiday spirit be with you all year round

December 24, 2022
I've had reason to think long and hard about holiday spirit this season and even to have a discussion about it with a dear friend. So here's what I want to say: We...

When is a chance one too many chances?

October 24, 2022
Too many chances. Do I give people too many chances? I wonder, sometimes. I forgive easily. Do not hold grudges. Do not mind starting over with...

Leaving this world of ours too soon, but with so much grace

July 11, 2022
The first line of her last post read The final day. My friend had been diagnosed just over a month earlier with a fast-moving terminal cancer and now, she was...

When to stop giving?

May 31, 2022
Ah, this is such an interesting question. When to stop giving. So, of course, healthy friendships  / relationships are not tit for tat. We do not "keep...

How to effectively be there for someone who is sick

May 11, 2022
You'd think that the ability to be there for a loved one who's sick would be natural. Turns out, it is a rarer skill than we'd like it to be. I know a little about...

Let go, let it go, let them go…and you fly!

April 22, 2022
I know this is going to help someone. I didn't write it, but I could have. It's attributed to Anonymous right now, since I don't know its origin.  It's how I live...

The gift of being seen

February 23, 2022
See me...feel me...touch me...heal me.... Listening to you, I get the music From you, I get opinions From you, I get the story.  ~The Who Oh, the gift of being...

Pondering the tender beauty of loss and discovery

January 19, 2022
Age brings with it the gift of history, the ability to look back over decades and see how the chapters of our life unveiled and, if we're lucky, to see the meaning of...

When misery loves company

January 12, 2022
The other day I realized that I knew people who only showed up when I had something challenging going on in my life.  Even the appearance of something challenging...

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