Your life, all in one place

November 18, 2015
Yes, it's giveaway time. Read on! It's not January, but I'm thinking about how badly I need to get organized. Maybe you've had the same thought? Now that I've retired...

Holiday & Christmas gift ideas

October 19, 2015
There's a closet in my house that holds a stack of books I'm giving to certain friends for Christmas. Oh, you don't celebrate Christmas? Then maybe you have holiday...

Another Pacifica Beauty giveaway

August 13, 2015
  Yes, I'd love to travel with bags like this. How easy to organize! When women had suitcases like this, they also had servants to carry them. It's the only...

What inspires me this moment

August 9, 2015
  My dear blogger friend, Haralee, challenged me to write about three inspirational quotes that have touched me in a special way. The fact is that MANY quotes...

What’s your dream vacation? + a giveaway!

May 22, 2015
If you could go anywhere in the world for your next vacation, where would it be?  What's your secret vacation destination? There are so many exotic places in the...

Pacifica Beauty giveaway today!

April 24, 2015
Every so often I fall deeply in love with a product line and when I’m lucky enough to be able to do a giveaway for that brand, it’s even better. Purify Coconut...

Ironing: the way it was

December 29, 2014
Walking Riley gives M. and me time to talk about so many things, and one topic that came up recently was this: do you remember it? If you're a Boomer, you do. Our...

Call for fun cocktails

November 13, 2014
It's that time again. You know, the one during which decorations go up and we spend more than we should on extravagant gifts. When we get together with friends and...

Lazy days of August

August 1, 2014
August brings with it the dog days of summer, those hot and lazy days that we know are numbered. The month is all the sweeter for our certainty that, before long, ...

The Talking Mirror and self esteem

July 29, 2014
 It's insidious, low self-esteem. And pervasive among women. Despite all that we do at home and at work, despite our many accomplishments, many of us still don't...

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