Learning disability

September 11, 2010
http://www.artbyjax.com/AngelandVisionaryArtGallery.html Was there a larger reason?Maybe it was just random.Maybe people happened to be in the wrong placeat the wrong...

A working definition of God

June 1, 2010
I'm reading a book written by a woman who is a minister. She says that we spend most of our lives figuring out what belongs in the blank of the following sentence:...

God is great

November 29, 2009
My Sunday thoughts today are of my beloved friend, SD. One of my closest friends. For years.A big, healthy, fit, gorgeous man approaching his senior years, he was...

Showing off

August 12, 2009
When I first read Marianne Williamson's book, Illuminata, A Return to Prayer, back in 1994, I was blown away.The prayers she writes are exceptionally powerful and...

The wilderness

July 21, 2009
We were talking the other day about how difficult it is when bad things happen to good people.And how it's so ironic when good things happen for bad people. Or people...

The new order of things

July 12, 2009
God's been on my mind a whole lot these days. And not just mine. Even my trainer brought Him up last week, asking how I was with "the faith thing." I acknowledged my...

God is calling

July 8, 2009
Last week I ran across some CDs I hadn't played in a while, so I slid one into the car's player. It was John Tesh doing contemporary praise and worship at Red Rocks. As...

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